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    Default swept away beachfront suites?

    knowing that swept away does not have a private beach...if staying in a beachfront suite or beachfront verandah suite do you get alot of traffic walking by?

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    There is a walkway that runs between the beach and the beach front suites (BFS) and beach front verandah suites (BFVS). Most of the BFS’s sit back a ways from the beach and the BFVS’s sit up to the beach a little closer. Either way, it’s really not an issue. Most of the traffic on the walkway occurs at night when guests are heading out to dinner at either ends of the property. We prefer the BFS’s because of the atmosphere. These are in the older section of the resort and seem to be more private. Some people prefer the BFVS’s because they have TV’s and are more of a hotel atmosphere.

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    ALL of the traffic on the walkway immediately outside the beachfront accommodations is resort traffic, which can be considerable.

    The public access for walking the beach is at the waterline.

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    There is a walkway in front of the Beachfront rooms , however people walking by are only the guests at CSA. The public beach traffic is limited to the waterline and watched over by security.

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    The only traffic you woul.d get would be other guests and not people from other resorts. The beach is usually wide and the non-couples guests must stay to the waterline.

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    No. This is a common misconception about CSA - that it doesn't have a "private beach." People can walk along the shoreline where the water meets the sand, but no one other than CSA guests can hang out on the beach and the roped off water area. Because of that, there's not much to do but to walk along. I'd say you get, maybe, 2 people walking by every 15 minutes or so. Some are vendors, some are people from neighboring resorts out for a walk. It's not like there are masses of people wandering up and down the CSA beach.

    Plus, the resort buildings are set back from the water's edge. Even if such a mass of people came by, they'd be at least 50 feet from your room.

    No worries!

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    The traffic going by your room will be other guests and staff members using the walkway to get from one place to another within the resort. Non-resort guests will be walking along the shoreline and will be too far away from your room to bother you.
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    There is enough distance between your balcony and the beach area where people ( other than guests of the resort ) would be walking ...there is however a beachfront path that Guests of the resort and Staff will be walking along - that is very close to your balcony. But people keep moving and don't hang around outside your balcony.

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