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    Arriving at CSA in 5 days. Yehaw. We have a BFVS. What are other's reccomendations for room choices. ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor?). Are all BFVS's in the same building? Is a corner unit a preference? And can you make a certain room request before arriving? such as 3rd floor corner unit.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    can't wait

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    You can request options, but they are not guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is your category level. There are several buildings of BFVS units, and all are great. First, 2nd or 3rd floor is really personal preference. Some like high floors, others like low. Personally, we just take the luck of the draw now, and have always been happy with our room!

    Have a great trip.
    We're behind you by 24 days.

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    Sure, you can make a request for a certain floor level (3rd floor corner room), but it is only a request and not a guarantee. We like the third floor because it gives us the best view of the sunset. There are four beachfront verandah suite buildings.

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    We were in a BFVS 1st floor - 3123 last week, didn't ask for a specific room. The first floor was great. We a 10 foot walk to the beach plus the wedding area and shade were right there too. Perfect!

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    We had first floor, corner room #4121 and loved it ! It is located at the widest part of the beach, close to Patio's and the Grill. We stepped off our verandah, crossed the sidewalk and onto the beach. We absolutely loved it !

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    Requests are not always granted, but every time I've asked for a third floor corner room, it has been granted. If you like more privacy, request 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. I would always suggest asking for a corner room because you get one wall of shutters.

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    You will enjoy any room but we just returned and were 3324, a third floor corner BFVS and the view was amazing! Watched every sunset for a week...

    Enjoy your trip!

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