My husband and I are soooo excited. We have never booked a trip this far in advance in our lives. We are going Jan 29 to Feb 12 2011.
We spent an amazing 10 days at CSS this past January and since our return wanted to go back.
The early escapes is just too good to pass up.
We had the luck of getting upgraded to a penthouse suite on our first trip and were so spoiled that we just booked a penthouse suite again.
And even better after reading about the split trip option - we are going back to CSS for one week and then for a new experience to CN for a second week. (oh boy $1000 to spend over the 2 weeks - I love it).

After reading all the posts about airfare problem - we got lucky there as well. We just earned enough "airmiles" today book us 2 seats on Air Canada (apparently today was the first day we could book for our dates so we just did it).

Thank you couples for making travel to your wonderful resorts so attractive.
Its exciting to have something like this to look forward to...
41 weeks and 4 days to go - hurray.