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    Default Office of Nature

    We have typically been at CN during March. This trip will be in April, so no lobster. What do the guys at the Office of Nature cook up during the closed lobster season?


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    Jerk Chicken and fish.

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    Default Office of Nature

    We were there last week and they had lobster, first week of april. The second Office of Nature down the beach in the trees, not the one at the buildings, it's where the original people are located. Have a good one!

    Later................Joe D.

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    What is the Office of Nature? I have seen several people discusing it on the message board yet, I have never heard of it. Thanks!

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    This is the first I've heard mention of a "second" Office of Nature... now I'm confused...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    "The second Office of Nature down the beach in the trees, not the one at the buildings, it's where the original people are located"

    Right !! The guys on the Beach are the FIRST Office of Nature that have been there for years. The guy who took their name without ( even asking ) permission, and opened a shop on the street is the Second...
    Visit the one on the Beach....

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    Default Office of nature

    Can someone explain what the Office of Nature is?? I've been to CN many times and don't know what this is. Have I been missing out on something?

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    Can you just walk up and order lobster or do you have to let them know in advace that you want it? Also, what is the price of the lobster?

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    If you walk the beach to the Right, once you pass the other resorts to the open beach/trees, you will see a sign that says" Office of Nature". They have a building with a bar and venders selling stuff. They also have a open fire/grill that they will grill you up some lobster w/garlic butter and 2pc of toast. Right now you may not be able to get lobster being out of season.

    If you keep walking, you will pass many venders and come to the original "Office of Nature". Both are on the beach.
    We just did not want to walk all the way to the far end of the beach so we chose the first one.
    Lobsters were $20.

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    sungoddes ~ Office of Nature is a couple guys with a grill and a tent who will grill you up some fabulous lobster. They are on Bloody Bay a ways down the beach from CN. When you start walking you will run into a little building with an Office of Nature sign on it, but that is not the original. Continue heading down the beach and you will find the second one. That is the original one. The original one does not have a building, only a tent. There are also people selling their wares there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The "real" Office of nature is the one past the the wooden hut on the beach. You walk towards the water from CN and turn right, walk till you see the blue tarp over the picnic table and you are there! "Gritty" the chef will cook you ur a great meal. "Builder Bob" and "cookie" and "Stinkweed" will be there to greet you. They have crafts to sell and the lobster in fantastic. $20 per lobster.

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    Default Office of Nature

    eileen11, all you have to do is walk up and give them your order. If there isn't enough lobster on hand, they load up on a jetski and go get some more. But usually they have plenty.

    MMathers, It is where a group of locals hang out and cook up fresh lobster. It's a must do while you are at CN. Here are a few pics that should convince you into going.
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    The Office of Nature is a group of locals who hang out on the beach and offer their wares. They are salesman first but you can get them talking about life in Jamaica pretty easitly. The land they are on is not otherwise occupied by any resort. Another group of locals more recently set up shop closer to the resorts to catch the visitors first.

    Not eating lobster for 3 months is so that they can reproduce. They have offered to go out into the bay, catch one and cook it up for us but we declined for the sake of the lobsters.

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    Lobster is currently out of season in Jamaica.

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    Someone mentioned to me on another post about having lunch at the Office of Nature and I was confused at first with the name, I was thinking it was literally an office of some sort hah.

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    chobeecpl ~ The picture you show is the impostor Office of Nature. This group moved in about a year ago and stole the name. The real OoN is down the beach a little farther and they have a blue tent with a picnic table underneath it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    chobeecpl - I'm pretty sure the OON in that pictures is the "new" OON.

    We've seen that one, but haven't been it, so I'm not saying it is not as good, the people aren't as nice, etc.
    However, the hut of the "original" OON as described by 2havinfun and Lola is a decidedly more rustic set up.

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    Thanks for the info, everyone! We are definately going there and now we know exactly what to look for and the price of the lobster! Really appreciate the info....Thank you!

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    Default The Real Original Office of Nature

    Here is a photo of the original Office of Nature that is on down past the new one that is in the buildings. The original one is in the trees...

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    Later..........Joe D.

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