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    Default CSS - Stole my heart!

    I have been reading these message boards for a long time, but just recently joined as a member. I just wanted to share how I fell in love with San Souci. My husband and I have been to Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away, and we loved them both for many different reasons. Each of these resorts had its own special appeal. We are big beach people, so we loved Couples Swept Way for its 7 mile beach. Couples Negril had a nice ambience. Then this year, we went to San Souci. I was kind of hesitant because I love Negril and I am aware that Ocho Rios is not known for the long beaches. Well, We were there from 5/24 thru 4/1 and now all I can think about is Ssn Souci. San Souci was the perfect blend of all of them. First of all, San Souci is breathtaking. Just when we thought we had seen the whole resort, we would come across a private area with breathtaking views. I love San Souci and can honestly say I will return next year. I close my eyes and think of the beautiful grounds, quiet secluded beach and most of all cannot forget the staff as they were so amazing. Keith (the operations manager) sat with us at the repeat guest dinner and I can say he is a wonderful person. San Souci to me was like my own private villa because it never seemed crowded, but had the right amount of vibe and ambience. I normally feel pretty down after I return from Jamaica, but this time, I find myself closing my eyes and thinking of San Souci with its beautiful beach, secluded pathways, calm and serence pond, beautiful gardens, Crackers the Parrot, Easton at the beach bar, great food, great cocktails and amazing people we met. San Souci has a special place in my heart.

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    ooooo - you are getting me excited - even though we have 8 months to go!
    It will be our first time at any Couples Resort - we chose Sans Souci for Dec. 2010 and have booked Couples Negril for Dec. 2011 already.
    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time,

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    VivianandDave- I actually got goosebumps reading your review. I, too, was hesitant because of my love for beautiful beaches. However, reviews such as your have completely melted my fears away. My husband and I will be first timers to Couples and Jamaica. Only three days to go...

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    We felt very much the same way after two trips to CN, and a tour of CSA. We fell in love with CSS and are returning in 3 days with 4 friends who were with us at CN in 06. I am hoping they too fall in love with CSS the way we did. Then again what is not to love?

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    I am so thrilled that you loved CSS. My husband and I have been to CSA three times and this year decided to try CSS. I too had a lot of the same concerns you expressed and am so thrilled you had such a great time. We are even more so counting down the days till December after reading your great review!

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    My husband and I honeymooned at CSS and we loved it. If you love gardens, this is the place for you. Very romantic!

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    This will be our third trip and we'll be hanging with Mzambo and company (TommyWommy and the Huggers Crew), all of whom are very special friends who we met in this very special place. I'm sure all of Couples resorts have their individual appeals to people's taste but Sans Souci was our "first kiss from Jamaica" and it still lingers sweetly on our lips as we prepare to renew our relationship with her yet again (and with each other thanks to Sans Souci's magic).

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    We completely agree with you - after 5 trips in a row to CN we decided to try a different Couples resort and absolutely fell in LOVE with CSS.

    We know for sure we missed a whole bunch of the resort and plan to return sometime this Fall.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    AKG --- I'd love to hear your feedback once you return back from CSS.

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    ToesintheSand ---by now you are at CSS hopefully falling in love with the place. I am going to post pictures soon.

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