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    Default Sunscreen and wedding dress???


    We've booked our wedding for March 25th 2011 and am so excited, I cant wait.
    Im now in the preperation stage and am trying to decide on makeup and sunscreen. I know from experience that some sunscreens can rub onto clothes and make white material turn slightly yellowish. Do you know of any creams that are sweat proof and wont dis-colour my dress?
    As for makeup ive decided to do my own and have been through the message board trying to find the best makeup that wont run. Any ideas? Ive read about smashbox primer and also a fixing spray? Any advice is apprieciated.
    I know its not until next year but everyone keeps telling me it'll go so quickly so im trying to be prepared!


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    I used a Coppertone Waterproof Sunscreen in SPF 60 and applied it like I do lotion before our wedding at CN last month. We were married on the beach at 10am.

    I swear by Bare Escentuals Mineral makeup system for its fresh, natural look (consists of foundation, bronzer called "warmth" and the Hydrating mineral veil) and it worked great! They have a new "Matte" finish that I would recommend. No setting spray is required for the mineral makeup. The rest of the makeup I used on my eyes, cheeks, and lips was from Bobbi Brown. I went for a consultation and they put together a look for me. I used the Bobbi Brown black Gel Eyeliner and it was fantastic! It didn't run and it accented my eyes very well for photos. It was my first time using a gel eyeliner so I practiced applying it for about a month before the big day.

    Enjoy the planning! Try not to stress too much because they really do take care of everything at the resort and your wedding day will be spectacular, relaxing, and magical!

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    I purchased the Jane Iredale make-up starter kit from Its expensive but really lasted. It is a mineral make-up but doesn't have that heavy look that some do. It also has natural sunscreen of SPF 15-20 depending on what you use. I'm fair skinned and have some rosacea which is generally exacerbated by the sun which is one of the main reasons I chose this particular make-up.

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