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    Default Map of CSS

    Does anyone have a map of CSS? We were wondering what the layout is like. Where each block of rooms are compared to the location of the beach, the restaurants etc.
    tks so much

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    Here you go. Click on the images to view them full sized.

    More of my photos may be seen at
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013

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    Jeff you are awesome, thanks so much for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmon View Post
    Here you go. Click on the images to view them full sized.

    More of my photos may be seen at

    ....Great Pics, Jeff. Questions, if you see this; What was the difference in rooms between the 2 stays? You mentioned the "Balcony was smaller for these rooms". Or was this at CTI? Were you splitting the resorts?
    We have booked CSS for early October and have a "1 Bedroom Beach Front Suite". Been told, because of Arthritis in both of my knees, we need to request "A" or "B" Block??

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    A & B face the beach and are newer buildings. C & D require steps to get there from the beach which isn't too bad as long as you don't have a problem with them. We had 86 stairs to get from the beach (256 paces) to our penthouse suite at the top of D. My legs have never been in better shape! (Just got home Sunday) The only restaurant not on the main beach level is Cassanova plus there is always room service. F & G are the farthest from the beach. Personally since staying there, I would really want C,D or E. Its really hard to get an idea of how spread out everything is from the map.

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