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    Is Air Tim still flying out of Montego to Negril? If so, what is an average price for 4 people? Also, is it worth it?

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    I guess you mean Tim Air? Yes they still fly out of Mobay to Negril and Ocho Rios.
    Their prices have gotten more expensive and with the new roads to Ocho Rios and Negril IMHO it is not worth the cost.
    Take the van and enjoy seeing Jamaica. With what you save you could stay an extra night or two (If you have the time)

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    Tim Air is still flying from Montego Bay to Negril. We flew round trip April 3 & 10th. The price for one way would have been $107 per person and $209 round trip per person. The price was the same this year regardless if you had 2 or 4 people. Check out for add'l info. I flew one way for the first time last year and this year my son was going home the day we flew into Jamaica. We talked through the glass wall at the airport and he said, "fly Tim Air both ways Mom." Depending on the time of your flight back home, it allowed us to stay at the resort 2.5 hours longer than our son. He had to have his luggage outside his room at 6:15am & they left the resort, via the bus, at 7:15am for a 12:45pm flight back home. We left the resort at 9:50am for the same 12:45pm flight back home. It was nice not to be rushed our last morning. Flight time on the way down was 15 minutes once we took off and 17 minutes back. Since this was our 7th visit to Jamaica, we didn't feel we needed to see the countryside from the ground again. The view from the air is beautiful. For us, it was worth it.

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    $107 each way per person.

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    Actually, its TimAir... and they do maintain an on-line presence...and they do still fly the MoBay-to-Negril shuttle. We've been getting quite a range of pricing reports in recent months here on the MB. Dropping in at the last minute might get you a deal, but could also delay your arrival.

    Good luck...

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    TimAir still flies from MoBay to Negril.

    Here is their website and you can ask for current quotes from there.

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    Thanks for the information. Seems a little high for very little return.

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    Just flew TimAir from Negril to MBJ on 4/9. It was $214 for the two of us and, IMHO, it's the only way to go back to MBJ. We love the bus ride to the resort but having the extra time at the resort on the last day is well worth it. As I posted on another thread, the staff left a note in our room on our last night at CSA asking us to be down in the lobby at 9:30 AM for a 4:55 PM flight out on MBJ. We would have had to hang around the airport for over 5 1/2 hours. In fact, our flight was delayed almost an hour and a half. That would have been 7 1/2 miserable hours at the airport.
    I called the front desk immediately and reminded them that we were flying TimAir and that we didn't have to leave the resort until 1:45 PM.That extra 4+ hours gave us extra time to pack, have a great last breakfast and take a last long walk around beautiful CSA. Unlike another post here, I don't think $214 will cover an extra night or 2 but it does allow you to enjoy your last night and last morning a lot more. Not to mention, the flight & Curtis are fantastic. You get to see Jamaica in a completely different way. Take the bus to the resort but go TimAir for the way back to MBJ, it's worth it!

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    We flew Tim Air in January - the roundtrip cost for 2 people was $410. I personally thought it was worth it - I have done the shuttle ride many times before, and I thought it was very cool to see the coastline from the air. It did save us some time both ways, too. Plus when arrived at CSA, it was only us checking in, so there was no wait at all. If you have the money, it is definitely worth it in my opinion.

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    We really enjoyed our TimAir flight and would do it again. If we end up going in October we will definitely be using TimAir. We think it is worth the money to be able to stay at the resort for 2 hours longer.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Hi there,

    We took Tim Air going back to the airport from CSA. It was totally worth it and we would do it again. We got to stay at the resort an extra 2 hours or so. Didn't have to rush at all. Curtis our pilot was fantastic and funny. Worth the $$ and the experience.

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    We looked into flying from MBJ to Ocho Rios and it was $450! We thought we might fly our friends back to MBJ for the flight home but for 6 people it was going to be $1,000!!! We also looked into a limo and that was only going to be $250 but we ended up just taking the shuttle. The trip was the same time and very comfortable.

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    Okay TimAir and Couples experts...I'm considering using TimAir from CSA to MBJ to have more time at the resort. Our flight leaves MBJ at 3:10. What time would we leave the resort? What time would we leave using TimAir? Would it be too late to book it for May 10? TIA

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    We fly to the resort and take the shuttle back. Since our flight is usually around noon, having extra time on the last day is not as important as getting there as quickly as possible.

    For us, it is worth it and we enjoy the experience as well.

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    R&Cford - that is practically the scenario that we had at CSA in January. Our flight left MB at 3:30. We would've had to have been on the 11:00 shuttle (which is probably the same for you). Instead, we didn't have to have our bags out until 11:00, then we strolled over to checkout at 11:15 (after the mad rush of others). Then we went to SeaGrapes and had a wonderful lunch by the Sea with some drinks from the bar. The bell captain called us a cab at 12:30 for our 1:00 flight from Negril to MoBay. So we got almost two very relaxing extra hours at CSA the last day. Worth every single penny not to have to ride the dreaded good-bye bus. And we were at MoBay in plenty of time to go through Customs/Immigration and catch our flight.

    It is not too late to book - just go on the Tim Air website.

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    carviar girl is right. We flew from MBJ to Negril on TimAir and loved it. But it seemed to us there wasn't all that much to be gained by taking the plane back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inthesun View Post
    carviar girl is right. We flew from MBJ to Negril on TimAir and loved it. But it seemed to us there wasn't all that much to be gained by taking the plane back.
    We gained an additional 3 hours and 45 minutes of stay at the resort by taking TimAir back in lieu of the bus. I'd say that was a lot to be gained.

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    I feel we will more than likely take the tim air back to mobay to buy us a great lucnh and more time the last day we are to be in negril. our flight is at 3:06 pm delta on the 11th may -- will we get to stay at the resort till at least 1230?? if so we may just go for it -- I had orginally had air thru tim air for both ways but have since defintily decded to ride the bus in (part of the thrill) ohhhhh weeeeee 8 sleeps and a wake up

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