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    Default How much to tip those you are supposed to tip

    We just returned from CSS, but we had a really hard time deciding how much to tip those we SHOULD tip. Any guidance out there for our NEXT trip? For example, the bus/taxi driver from the airport to the resort? The taxi driver from the resort to Martha Brae river rafting (90-minute drive, then he WAITED another 90 minutes, to drive us back). The river rafting guide on the Martha Brae. The Dunns River Falls guide(s). Thanks for any input on this issue.

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    I think it's really just a personal preference. My husband is a notorious over-tipper, so if our drivers and guides are really friendly then he has been known to give them anywhere from $20-$40. But I think most people tip the drivers around $5-$10. We typically don't tip taxi drivers for a short ride, especially if we already worked out a price. But if he waited and came back to pick you up, I'd tip at least $5. Same for the guides. It just depends on what you think you should tip for their service.
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    We tipped 50cents a bag at the airport, $5 to the driver (unfortunately, we were the only ones who tipped the driver out of 8), $10 to a driver who took us to parasailing and picked us up later, $10 to a masseuse, and $5 for the driver back to the airport. All seemed quite happy to receive what we had given.

    We tried to tip a cab driver $5 on Grand Cayman once. He said "If that's all you have, you need it more than I do!" I, of course, thanked him as I took it back!

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