So we are doing a split between CSS and CSA. We don't mind taking the bus transfers out to CSS and back from CSA at the end, but I'm looking at alternatives for inbetween.
I know we can get the bus transfers inbetween the 2 resorts, and we really don't mind the drive, but I am thinking this may take quite a bit of time, especially if we have to wait at the airport for people to fly in.

Has anyone flown between the 2 areas? Did you use Tim Air? Since their rates aren't on their site I emailed and they gave a quote for a private charter. Sounds very nice, but naturally it's not cheap for that!! I was wondering if there are other options?

How about a private car? It would be $200 but I imagine we could use part of our resort credit. Anyone done this? Worth it? It would only save time by not having to even go into the airport. Plus then we could leave at checkout instead of fitting in with people's flights.

If we fly, and it's so quick, what about the fact that there's 4 hours between checkout and check-in. Can you start using the second resort's facilites just as if your flight came in early?

We have awhile to figure it out, but I thought I'd see what others did. Your input would be appreciated, thanks.