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    Default Only 9 more days....

    so excited I can't stand it. Hope I am as happy as I was @ CN last Dec. Was an avid memeber of another resort, but they really let me down. Hoping we found another "home" in JA.

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    You have, if you are not happy they will try to make it right.

    At Couples you are a special Couple, unlike the other resort where you are just number.
    Irie Mon

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    find it hard to believe that any couples resort would let you down. we are trying tower isle for the first time.( css twice and cn once) i know that we will not be disappointed. its all in what you make it, and couples always makes it right.

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    Default We have 6 days to go


    We are arriving at CN on 4/23 and staying until 5/2. We cannot wait. I am already there in spirit. We have been to CN 3 times before but havent been there in about 6 years. We went to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica a couple years ago and it was not the same. Glad to be going back to CN. Hoping to make this an annual trip Have a fabulous time. Maybe we will see you there

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