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    Default Uk flights cancelled

    After 8 months of planning, our holiday has been cancelled due to the volcanic ash over UK airspace
    We cannot contact Virgin until tomorrow to rebook hopefully we can rebook to go to CTI in a couple of weeks
    We will be sorry to miss the april amigos!!!
    Ellie and Simon

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    We have been reading about the volcanic eruption and how the ash has halted air travel in part of Europe. Sorry to hear this affected your vacation.
    It really does stink and is so disappointing.
    I do hope you are able to travel soon.
    Good luck!!!

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    So sorry to hear your trip is cancelled!! Hope you can get it rebooked soon.

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    Of all the things one might anticipate interupting their vacation Volcanic Ash has to be way down the list. Sorry to here that Hope you can rechedule real soon.

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    Thank you for your kind wishes, We have managed to rebook for 1st May we hope by then the volcanic ash will have cleared from the UK
    We are desperate to get back to CTI to see the revonations we loved it before and are looking forward to what they have done
    Please keep your fingers crossed that can go on the 1st
    Ellie & Simon

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    Ellie and Simon:
    Did you get rescheduled? I hope so. This has to be the most bizarre vacation deterrent I have heard of in a long time. Be safe. We love to drink with our friends from the UK when we meet them at fun.....

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    We were supposed to fly today 18/04 and get married on 22/04 at CN. But due to the ash cloud, no go ! Going to travel agents tomorrow to try and re-book !
    Col and Kirsty

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    Well we have come to CN at round about this time for the last 3 years and this time would have been the 4th year in a row. We are more than sad to miss out - no other holiday can be the same once you have experienced couples.. we should have been arriving today sunday night at MBJ.

    Because of our holiday availability it looks like we won't be back now till April 2011. I fully expect this to be an over reaction but that does not change anything for us and we will be staying peelywally pale skins for another 12 months..

    malc & pam
    "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like..."

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    To all the UK friends we met at CN we hope your return home plans are not severely ruined by the volcanic ash situation and that you return home safely.

    In the meantime I can't think of a better place to be temporarily stranded than Jamaica and I know Couples will take good care of you.

    From Jean and Jim < the one with the green hat

    See you next year!

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    Virgin have managed to rebook us so we can travel out to CTI on 1st May its cost us more money!! but Couples is so worth it so lets just hope things have been sorted by then,
    at least it is only a couple of weeks to wait and if you have been stranded in Jamaica I hope you have been looked after and a very safe journey when you get the go ahead to leave
    Ellie & Simon

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    I'm stuck in Austria going on 6 days with another 5 to go. I hope only 5. Thankfully, not headed to Couples yet. However, our CN vacation was nixed last December due to huge snowfalls, so I know how it feels. Couples is great about rebooking. If there's any way you can do it later, go for it! It may not be "the same" but any Couples vacation whenever it occurs is a great vacation!!

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    We were at Gatwick airport last Thursday morning when all flights were cancelled after 12 midday. Had our flight been twenty minutes earier we would be at Couples Sans Souci right now. We were then booked onto another flight this Thursday (tomorrow) and that has been cancelled too. So, we can't make it now due to work committments. Hope the weather stays good for you and that everyone gets home okay.

    See you next year I hope.

    Leonie & Steve

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