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    Default Good deals on CSA in the near future?

    Any good deals coming up on CSA for 2011? I see the current one however the $500 resort credit doesn't really interest us. We booked on the double upgrade Wednesday couplicious special just curious if there will be and CSA deals in the near future? Also they talked about sound proofing the garden suites and GV suites, any idea if those will be done by April 2011? We've been back about 24hrs now and I am already looking to go back!

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    I agree with the soundproofing. We stayed in a GVS 4/1 to 4/9 and it was pretty noisy. I think the locals get a kick out of honking their horns as they pass the resorts. I'm a pretty sound sleeper and I was up by 7:30 every morning because of the road noise.

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