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    Default need help from the mb pros

    Back in 2009 I bok our 6th trip to CSA to take advantage of an early booking special. I used the same TA I've used the last 2 times and set everything up and made my deposit. It was all done online and confirmed by the TA. Now that the time is drawing near I can't get my TA back online. Trying to get dates for final payments, flights, etc. Question is do you think CSA has my info and if i can't ever get my TA again will they be able to take the rest of the payment with no problem. Never had a problem with the eTA before so I don't know what happened and I'm getting nervous as we are supposed to go 7/3 to 7/13. I don't neeed this stress. Any suggestions?

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    I'd try to Google that TA... their website url may have changed, they may have a new isp... perhaps they even tried to contact YOU, but your spam guard filtered out a new address... who knows?

    If you can find them online with the Google search, get their phone number and call them directly. Its not very likely that they just "disappeared".

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    I had this problem a few years ago. I booked a trip through an agent I found on this site that was a Couples Platinum member. They gave me a great deal that nobody else could touch. Then they went out of business. I was lucky that I hadn't paid my final amount but only lost my deposit. I was able to contact the airline and get my flights switched later for a fee.

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