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    Default White "Couples" Visor

    Can I get a white "couples" visor at the gift shop? Not sure I have time to send for one prior to an early May departure.
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    I understand I can get it on-line........I dont have the time to wait for shipment. Do they have them at the gift shop??

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    The had quite a few at CN in 2009 and 2010. I don't know if they had white ones or not, but I got a real nice red one with "Couples Negril", the twisted palms logo, a couple little Jamaica flags and "Jamaica" on it in 2009.
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    How about a team canada hat

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    Default Ouch

    Wow Cracker that hurt!!!
    Let me ask what would Canada have been like if they lost???
    Bye the way how the Leafs doing??
    Go Flyers!!

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