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    Default Late Jan/Early Feb 2010

    We are heading back to CSA next year after "straying" to CSS this past January. We loved CSS, but I am strangely happy about coming back home to CSA. We are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl on the beach (the BEST place to watch the Super Bowl, IMHO). Anyone else?? Bob and Judy

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    Hi Judy. You've been 'all by yourself' on your post for too long! But you won't have the place ALL to yourselves! We booked last Feb. for trip #5 Jan 17-29. I had the feeling you'd be back! There's NO place like HOME! See you there!

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    Cindy - I am so glad to hear from you and that you will be at CSA the same time as us! How is Taj doing (sorry if I'm not spelling his name right)? I hope that business has been OK for you. I was in Delaware (New Castle) last week for work and thought of you guys.

    We loved CSS, but three things brought us back to CSA: I missed the beachfront rooms (they're just not that close to the beach at CSS). We both missed the sports complex at CSA (particularly the lap pool). And we both missed all the people that we'd met at CSA, who tend to come back at the same time every year. The guests at CSS were great, but there is some divide between those who go to sunset beach, and those who don't. It makes it harder to get to know the other guests. Oh, we miss the Martini Bar, too.

    Please post a reply whenever you have some time. Judy

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    Hi Judy, Nice to hear back from you! We've had a pretty good year but it's been hard work! Our season is beginning to slow down but we 'locals' LOVE this time of the year at the beach. I hate to wish time away but I'm really looking forward to January. I keep asking Todge how close we are to 'double digits'. He just says "SOON COME!!" Every year, I say I'm going to DO IT ALL on this trip but when I get to CSA, I never seem to stray too far from the beach. Who knows, with the new spa credits, I might be spending more time across the street. I can't let my hubby have all the fun! Curious to see what they've done w/the PALMS & the pool. I'm already excited!So we'll keep in touch & let the countdown begin!!!

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    Hi Judy! We just hit DOUBLE DIGITS today! WOO HOO!! When do you & Bob arrive? I guess we'll be the only 2 couples there & have most of the resort all to ourselves-no else has signed on. You & Bob can go snorkeling every morning, afternoon & every night! And of course, Todge & I'll will be on the beach or on a Hobie cat, keeping an eye on everything! Our countdown has begun!Cindy

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    Hi Cindy - I was very excited to hit the double digit mark. We arrive on Sunday, January 24. We've never come in on a Sunday before; we are slaves to redeeming our frequent flyer miles with USAir.

    We did a short trip to Grand Cayman this summer - I snorkeled so much (I could snorkel right off the beach), that I actually got a blister on my toe! Gosh, I hope I have the CSA snorkel boat all to myself!

    Are you staying for 2 weeks again? Did you book a beachfront suite? I went back and forth on whether or not to do the beachfront suite. I decided we couldn't survive 11 days without a TV. I may still change my mind. Take care, Judy

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    Hi Judy, Nice to hear from you! We're under 90 days & counting! This trip is 13 days & we booked our usual BFS in the 'old' section. I'm actually looking forward to not having a TV. I need a break from all the 'stuff' that's on. Too funny about your blisters-I can picture you now, floating off of 7 Mile Beach. Lucky you!! I bet you & Bob are looking forward to seeing the new spa & relaxation's beautiful. Not too many other changes last year which is a GOOD thing but can't wait to see what they did to the Palms. We booked early so w/the EBB credits & Repeaters perks, I'm looking forward to going shopping & getting a few spa treatments. We're excited & we'll see you at the Repeaters Dinner for sure! Keep in touch, Cindy

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    Sorry guys, you won't be there alone the whole time. We fly in from the UK on 26 Jan for 14 nights. We're looking forward to seeing how obsessive you guys are about American Football with Superbowl (and hoping someone can explain to us what's going on!!!). we're booked into an Oceanview verandah. We're CSA virgins, but have been to CN a couple of years ago. Loved it there so hoping we haven't made the wrong decision.
    Sarah & Kevin

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    We just booked for first week in February. Second time to Swept Away - we were there in August. We will be staying in an Atrium Suite. I just know it will be just as perfect the second time.

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    Cindy - perfect idea to hook up at the Repeaters Dinner on Monday evening. Of course, Bob said that we'll probably see you on the beach five times on Monday. What type of spa treatments are you thinking of getting? I did the wrap at CSS, and it was just too bloody hot to be wrapped in anything.

    Lapsters - so glad that you've decided on CSA for this trip. I think that you will like it every bit as much as CN. For one thing, there are more restaurants to choose from - since you'll be there 2 weeks, that might be important. We will explain American football to you if you will explain cricket!!

    Beachseekers - we found that we enjoyed our second visit to CSA even more than the first. We knew where everything was, and we had realistic expectations about what to expect. I love the hammocks in the atrium rooms! Did you have an atrium room before?

    Looking forward to seeing everyone - Bob and Judy

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    Hi Everyone! WELCOME!
    Judy, you always write a nice post! Spa treatments...I'll need to look at a menu but had a wonderful Couples massage last yr.& Todge LOVES Cherry Fingers! I don't like it quite as strong but looking forward to something new & a for sure,I'd like to try a wrap or a body scrub.'ll LOVE CSA! Sounds like Judy & Bob will explain American Football to you & my Hubby can fill in any blanks. We ARE obsessive fans but we have to go home before the BIG game!
    Beachseekers...LUCKY you! 2 trips in 1 yr!! We should be so lucky!!!
    We're not big "planners' but look forward to seeing everyone at CSA. As I always say, "So much to do, so little time!"
    Any questions, just ask JUDY! Im kidding!
    Jan 17th...74 days & COUNTING! Cindy

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    Hey Cindy - OK, what is "Cherry Fingers"??? Also, how many bathing suits are you packing this year? I have gotten a few more, but still love how you seemed to have a different one every day. Do you buy yours on-line? I've found that Lands End has a nice selection any time of year. Also, what is the scoop on the blue shower gel? Did they have it at CSA when you were there in January? They had it at CSS this past January. I love that stuff. I bring a shower poof so that I get a great lather with it. See ya! Judy

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    Hi Judy! I've been out of the loop & just got back from FLA. We've known "Cherry Fingers" for almost as long as we've been coming to JA, 20-25 yrs! She is Todge's favorite at the spa & he's already talking about getting a massage the day we arrive! I forget Cherry's 'proper name' but will let you know when we see you. We did have bath gel last yr but refils were hard to come by. I also bring a poof & usually bring a little extra gel of my own, just in case. Since I spend more time in a bathing suit than any other clothes, I'll bring a suit for each day. I think a girl needs 'options'!! I have a good friend who owns a bathing suit shop in town where I can mix & match tops & bottoms. Lands End does have a great selection & so does Newport News. You may want to check out their site. I hope other guests going to CSA around the same time will join in this post. We're kind of a "no plan-plan" couple but enjoy meeting new people & seeing past friends! Hope you & Bob have a Happy Thanksgiving! Let's keep the countdown going! Cindy

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    Hey Cindy - how was your Thanksgiving? We can now officially say that we will be at CSA NEXT MONTH! Yipee! We got our first snow in Buffalo this morning, not bad. We were lucky to make it all the way through November without any snow. Have you ever taken Timair to the resort? If I get a bonus at work, I am thinking of surprising Bob with the Timair flight.

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    Hello, I'm picking up your thread because no one ever signed on to ours about Football at CSA--could it be because we're Pats fan so no one likes us? Now that we've been properly trounced by New Orleans maybe we're OK? lol.

    We, too. love seeing football in Jamaica--done it at CSA, CN and CTI and CSA is by far the best. We'll be there for the divisionals on the 16th & 17th (leaving 40 days from today for 9 days).

    I'm so with ya about wishing the time away--I hope my family does't feel left out that all I think about is making it through the holidays and finally getting home!

    Maybe we'll see you there or at the Repeaters dinner?

    p.s. BobandJudy we thought you might be our in-laws from Tucson--we're in MA but hubby used to live in Buffalo--must be cold there today!

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    Hey GwennieMark - so glad that you posted! I saw your post about the play-offs, but we don't arrive at CSA until Sunday, 1/24, which will be the day of the conference championships. I am originally from Pittsburgh, so I am in a deep depression right now about my Steelers! I like the Pats, though, and would gladly root for them, especially if they're playing the hated Bengals or Ravens!

    We are planning on attending the Repeaters Dinner on Monday, 1/25. Will you still be there then??

    That would have been funny if we were related in some way.

    Do you have a direct flight from Boston? That would be nice. We always have to connect from Buffalo. We got our first snow this morning, about five inches. I'm in Cincinnati now for work, though, and it is sunny and fairly warm here. Lucky me!

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    we found it's actually the same price and length of time to take a limo down to NYC for a direct flight, and we LOVE being able to sleep on the way down and be met with our coats & a warm car on the way back. Who knew? We're at the very western end of MA so Boston is not that much closer than NYC and much more $$$$.

    So, we love the Pats-but despise the Colts (go figure). Also, I grew up in a Packer household, and being on the (slightly) older side we're both intrigued by that estimable veteran, Favre--even though he's on the wrong team. I think there maybe a purple shirt under the tree--maybe I'll need it down at CSA!

    39 days to go---not that we're counting.....

    See y'all then!

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    Yipee! We just made our final payment! I celebrated by doing our Romance Rewards pre-check-in. Nothing like ticking the box ordering your welcome gift! Now if I can just make it through all the gift wrapping, baking, decorating, entertaining, cooking, and cleaning around the holidays!

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    Hi Judy & Gwen,
    Is everyone getting excited? I know we are! When are you all arriving? We're coming in on the 17th. Hopefully, Air JA will be "on time". I LOVE a Sunday afternoon in Negril! We've never tried Tim Air, but have talked about it. I'm NOT ready for the Holidays but that's nothing new! I'm busy at work & that's a "good thing". Thanks for the head's up Judy. I didn't realize I should do a pre check in w/Romance Rewards. I'll still be "lurking" on the MB these next few weeks to see what's new. I hope you have a wonderful & safe Holiday! See you on the beach soon! Cindy

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    Hi Cindy - when I woke up today, I thought, "one month to go for Cindy." You must be very excited. Have you flown in on a Sunday before? We haven't, usually we arrive midweek. Since we use my frequent flier miles, we're at the mercy of USAirways as to when we arrive and depart. I hope that it's not pure chaos at the airport. I would think that there will be less traffic on the roads on a Sunday, so we should be able to make up time there.

    Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday season!

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    Default Happy New Year to ALL!!!

    Hi Judy & ALL January Couples! I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday! One more celebration to go & then I'll REALLY be excited! My decorations are about to go back in the attic & the suitcases are ever so close to coming down! I've already started to pack "mentally". Every year I say I'm going to cut down on what I bring...yeah, right! Judy, we have arrived on a Sunday before & your correct about the traffic being lighter. But this year, Air JA changed our flight & we get in around 10:45 AM. We're not sure what to expect at the airport or on the roads. It's been a busy year for us & we're looking forward to this vacation more than ever! So much to do, so little time! We wish you ALL a very Happy New Year & safe travels coming "Home" to CSA. See you on the beach! Cindy

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    Hi to all. We are first timers arriving at CSA 1/23 for 1 week. Cannot wait!

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    Welcome Crywolf! We hope you'll have a fabulous vacation! Our recommendation is to take the "orientation" of the resort.It'll make you stay so much more enjoyable by knowing what is offered & available to you! There's so much to do!! Worth it's weight in gold! See you on the beach! Cindy

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    Hi Crywolf - so glad that you've found CSA. If you haven't snorkeled before, you'll definitely want to give it a shot. Where are you from?

    There'll be a full moon while we're there - there is nothing more romantic than walking on the beach at night and seeing so many stars that you can't usually see at home.

    Cindy - I'm giving serious thought to using the laundry service at CSA. Because we work out every day, it's so much more clothes than most everyone else has to bring. I have to laugh every time I read a post about only doing carry-on. In my wildest dreams! I'm flying to Detroit this week for one night and can't do a carry-on only. I'm pathetic. Have you ever used the laundry service? I could cut way down on packing workout clothes if they can wash stuff and get it back to me within a day or two.

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    Hi Judy, We haven't used the laundry service but it's a great thought! I bring Woolite, extra hangers & clips, sort of like a "line dry" thing in the room. I just can't seem to cut down on the amount of clothes I bring. AS I always say, a girl needs OPTIONS & for me, it's all about the bathing suits ! It's pretty much a "given" that I'll over pack. however, I am getting a little better. I'm still busy at work & have so much to take care before we go BUT I find myself "lurking" on this message board, looking for last minute tips even after 5 trips to CSA & 20+ to Negril. I hope everyone has a safe trip to JA & we'll see you on the beach & at the Cocktail Party! Cindy

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