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    Default It's not what I wanted :(

    We are staying at CSA in four weeks! First timers. Well we picked up our flight info tonight from our travel agent, and the paper says BFVS! We wanted a beachfron suite. I wanted the old part of the resort. I didnt want the "hotel feeling" I wanted more of the authentic feeling. She checked to get us into the BFS tonight, and they are all booked. Now I am feeling guilty because I am sad about it. Who gets sad over an upgrade? I should not be, right? But I am getting married and I had my heart set on the tropical, open, airy, lush feeling with no tv. I wanted the room with the wooden slates and white linens. Can someone please tell me if I should be sad over this? I am sure BFVS are wonderful, but I had a vision of what I wanted and now it is not going to be what I pictured and so badly wanted. I was so excited about that room!!

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    Fear not... in the BFVS, the TV's have an off switch, the beds have the white linens, and the windows have the slats... ok, they also have windows, but the look and feel is the same from the inside of the room.

    Enjoy, and congratulations... perhaps we'll see you there... we'll be in da house from the 22-30...

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    While it may not be exactly what you had planned, I think you will be very happy with your room. Just my opinion, but I really don't think your room will be the most important part of your stay anyway. You will have the white linen bedding and the rustic, tropical wood trim and tile flloor throughout your room. It will not feel at all like a typical hotel room but very much the authentic feel you are longing for. And if you get a corner room, you will have shutters on the windows above your bed as well. As for the TV, no one says you have to turn it on. And of course, you will have all the rest of CSA to enjoy just like everyone else, regardless of what room you are in.

    Chin up kiddo. You will love CSA and will have the best vacation ever. Promise.

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    Honestly I don't think you'll be that upset. It still has a nice tropical feel to it and you'll have the same view. We found that we spent way less time in the room than we thought we would for our honeymoon. Everyone is different though. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We liked the newer section too because of it's proximity to the swim up bar, cabana grill and a larger section of the beach.

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    So in the BFS, there are not windows? How do you cool your room with the AC then?

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    " Now I am feeling guilty because I am sad about it. Who gets sad over an upgrade?"

    Thats not an upgrade, it just sounds like your TA blew it.....if you told her what you wanted ( BFS ) and she booked you the wrong room ( BFVS )...have her keep checking on the availability.

    In any case,
    the BFVS do have wooden slats in the corner rooms, and white linens, and you can always unplug the TV

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    You will have the slatted shutters only if you are on an end unit. The middle units do not have any windows except for the front windows. (they do have the slatted shutters) You may want to consider a "downgrade" to an Atrium Suite" These have a very tropical feel and a very romantic ambiance. they are not right on the beach, but that is not really that big of a deal. Just a few more steps to the beach.

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    We just returned and had a BFS for the first time. We actually tried to get changed to a BFVS after being in our room for a couple days, but they were all booked out.

    If you have BFVS, you will just about be guaranteed a view. Our BFS had zero view of either water or sand...just trees. May as well have been in the middle of the resort.

    The BFVS have glass over the wooden slats, not screens. I thought I would love the airiness of the BFS, but it turns out we had the slats closed most of the time as I wasn't keen on people looking in the room, and having the glass would have blocked a lot of noise. I found that I'm a lighter sleeper than I had thought and my sleep schedule, unfortunately, was dictated by the entertainment at the Palms shutting down, and the birds starting up VERY early in the morning. Glass would have helped to block that out.

    So, there are pros and cons to both. You may end up being very pleased by the BFVS.

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    AHammon - congrats on your wedding and honeymoon.

    When we first stayed at CSA in 2005, they had just opened some of the BFVS rooms. I had been "envisioning" the beautiful, huge verandahs that are part of the BFS rooms. It was my mistake, I had gotten the room categories mixed up.

    We have come to love the BFVS rooms, so much that we have booked a BFVS room for every return trip to CSA. I don't think they have a hotel feel at all because there are no inside corridors. There are only 12 units in each room block. The corner rooms have wooden slats over glass windows, so the corner rooms are very light. The verandah on the BFVS rooms is very large (although not as large as some of the BFS rooms). I also like that I can soak in the bathtub in the BFVS room (the BFS rooms do not have tubs).

    Sure, we still love the look of the BFS rooms, and may try one some day. But if you are looking for proximity to the beach, a large lovely verandah (with a super comfy couch), you will be just as happy with the BFVS rooms.

    Someone else answered this, but I will confirm that the slats over the windows in the BFS rooms close tightly so that you can use the a/c even though there is no glass in the BFS room windows.

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    AHammon -

    Nope... Neither the Atriums nor the Beachfront Suites (and the Garden Suites, as well, I believe) have windows, except for the window between the suites. The shutters work just fine to keep the cool air in when running the A/C.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We love, love, loved our BFVS! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in such a fabulous room. I didn't find it "hotel like" at all.
    We're trying the BFS this time just to check out the difference but I think (and surely hope) that you'll be delighted with your room.

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    It's not an upgrade. My wife and I prefer the BFS, and take pains to ensure that everyone understands that is what we want. It's not that there is anything wrong with the BFVS, our personal preference is just for the older part of the resort. We would not let it ruin our vacation, it's just human to want to have your expectations met. Nothing to feel guilty about.

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    Default no worries mon.........

    My hub and I chose a beaautiful room at CSS, lo and behold when we arrived, it just wasn't right for us. We wanted to see the water from our bed We called the main desk and we were graciously shown two other available rooms, and we we chose a smaller room AND we were given SPA credit for the difference in the costs. This is just one of many reasons why we vacation at Couples resorts.

    Negril 2011!

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    It does sound like your TA dropped the ball. Maybe she/he can fix it. Be firm with them on trying every day. Also, if there is nothing to be done then request a corner room and you will have wood shutters behind the bed and the verandah will be open on two sides. You will love the room. Very classic caribbean look and feel. The hotel like rooms are in the Greathouse. Have fun and be happy

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