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    Default Who was your photographer?

    Post a link if they've got a page.

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    Love working with her thus far! Misha is fantastic.

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    There's also:

    Im compiling a list so we can decide who to go with...decisions decisions!

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    We used Romeo Samuels. No web site currently but I can give you contact information if you email me ( He used to work with SunGold and even took Paula and Damian's wedding photos. Here are links to the pictures he did for us.

    I don't know his current rates but I believe he is very competitive (i.e. cheaper than some of the other "big names"

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    We used Diana at She was great and very reasonable.

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    We just got back from CTI and used the resot photograpgy (Rohan). We could not be happier with our photos as we as the viedographer who taped our entire cerimoney and then followed us whike we did our pics. We couldn't ask for a better job. I would highly recomend using them and if you would like to see our pics just e-mail me and I will send you some of our pics.

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