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    Default Finding Staff at CSA

    We were there in Oct 2008 and will be returning May 5th Is there a way to find some of our favorite staff (or if they are still there) besides just looking and asking around? I know they move them around from time to time. If you've been to CSA lately and know where Ulesa (she was a waitress at Palms in 2008), Dermon (Swim up bar), Edwardo (Swim up bar) and Tanesha (sp)(was in housekeeping). I think I've heard that Dermon is at Aura's bar? TIA

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    It's easy enough to just ask around once you are there.

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    Dermon is at the Aura bar. We hadn't seen him in 2's like he's all grown up now. So great seeing all of our favorite people. Sorry, I don't know of a way to find them though short of asking the other staff that you meet. They seemed to know everyone we asked about.

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    Thanks everyone. I'll ask around!!! 14 days and counting....

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    We were at CSA last week and saw Edwardo at the swim up bar.

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