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    Default Credit card fees?

    I know there have been topics about this in general but I have a more specific question. Was anyone charged a $20 fee every time you used your credit card in Jamaica? What about at Couples? We haven't been charged any fees when we put the deposit down, or paid off the remainder of the balance.

    My fiance had a friend who said not to bring a credit card with us because of all the fees. I know we have to have one for the $300 hold at the resort. But now we are debating bringing a ton of cash or what. We don't plan on using the card off of the resort. But we are getting married at CSA, and will have fees like photography, hair, makeup, etc.

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    I know different credit card companies and banks have different policies and rates for international purchases/conversion. You should contact your bank.

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    Each time??? Only for huge purchases... There is an "international" or "foreign" transaction fee for our VISA, but its not $20... I don't know what the percentage is, but its relatively small, though annoying.

    I think your fiance's friend is exaggerating the fee just a tad... or has a credit card they'd be far better off without.

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    I've never heard of a $20 fee every time the card is used. Perhaps check with your credit card company, I know it wouldn't be a fee from Couples.

    You will be fine using your CC on site at Couples, but I do suggest you use money otherwise.
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    Check with your Credit Card Company. We have used our Chase cards for years and never had a fee charged. My LLBEan Visa (Barclay) Charged a $3.00 fee on my monthly love away payment. I switched cards quickly. I do not recommend bringing "a ton of cash".

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    You need to get a credit card that does not charge the foreign transaction fees if the charge is in USD in Jamaica. Capital One is the only card that I know that does not do this. AE and most others do charge. One more way they male money off of us.
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    Thanks ya'll. I will let my fiance know.

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    As with what the others have said, each card company sets its own rules. And, since the CARD Act has gone into effect, even that might have changed.

    Even different cards from the same "bank" often have differing policies. When we went last year, I contacted all of mine, and found one that said they didn't for this one card for charges in US currency on foreign soil (and they didn't for us on the three times we used it: Couples, the Appleton Estate, and the Margaritaville at MBJ). Ironically, we had two other cards issued from the same bank who said they'd charge the [then standard] 3% on such transactions.

    In other words, it pays to check in advance for this. Also, if you talk on the phone to one of the phone reps, follow it up with a customer service letter or email to verify. That way, you have a leg to stand on if there's a problem later on.

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    I contacted our bank after they put a 3 percent charge on our card when we paid the balance off for our trip in May. They removed it but said they would put the 3 percent charge on any future payments to Couples. We have three other trips on the "Loveaway" plan and it is annoying to see this charge appear each month, but unless Couples can use a U.S. bank to process our payments, instead of Nova Scotia , we will just have to pay it.

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    I called all my cards and they all charged between 1-3% foreign transaction fee. I used the 1% to make my deposit and then brought traveler's checks and some cash.

    Next time we go to Couples we are not planning on bringing a lot of money anyway since we won't be doing most of the excursions since we did them last time (I'm talking about the off-site ones where tips are appreciated). Since we'll just be hanging at the resort, we really shouldn't need much extra cash at all.

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    The extra fee you are finding is a FOREIGN TRANACTION fee that some credit cards apply. Not long ago Randymon responded to this and it happened to me at the same time my 2011 trip was showing up on my card. I called as stated was Randy had posted and the fee was credited and will not show up again.


    So that it is clear, this "Fee" is not charged by Couples Resorts. Any bank that says otherwise is simply trying to avoid returning your $$.

    Credit Card transactions via our booking engine are processed through the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) in Jamaica.

    At one time, I believe, the fee was assessed to protect against foreign currency fluctuations. However, all funds are processed now in US dollars so the fee is not required.

    I would threaten to change banks if yours insists on charging any foreign transaction fee.

    So if you do see a FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE being applied it is worth the phone call to call and correct them.

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    Since we have never seen a foreign transaction fee on the card we are planning on using, that should mean we are good to go? We have to call the credit card company anyway, and let them know we are traveling to Jamaica.

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    Charging your vacation thru the Couples Booking engine you should not see a FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE because they use the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

    I do have to caution people that if you charge items while in Jamaica you might be subject to the foreign transaction fee. Not all providers of service in Jamaica use BNS so beware of this.


    Question on off site excursions charged at the resort.

    Do these charges also go thru the Bank of Nova Scotia being it is thru Couples on property or is that a different banking service?

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    I've called my credit card company about this exact issue once i saw a $70+ fee on my card for foreign transaction fees. I used Randymon's explanation and she stated it wasn't totally accurate. She said that regardless of whether or not the transaction is in US currency, the way Couples/Bank of Nova Scotia is coding the charge is resulting in a fee for their customers and it's out of the credit card company's control. She said for the to be avoided, Couples needs to code the charge differently from the front end. I even went so far as to explain that other companies are wiping the fees from their customer's balance so I didn't understand why they wouldn't.

    As a courtesy, she credited me the largest of fees, but she asked me to notify Couples that it's their coding that is causing this to be an issue. I felt I should present the other side of the coin for others that may be experiencing this same issue.

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    I had the same experience that Chrissy explained. I used Bank of America and they would not remove the fee, although I explained that the transactions was thru the Bank Of Nova Scotia.

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    So Randymon, is somebody from Couples looking into the coding problem that Chrissy (December 27th, 2010, 11:40 AM post) described? I have Bank of America, and we are going to CTI in 22 days. I called BA, they said there would not be a charge that they know of, But I would hate to come back from paradise to see a huge fee on my card, that could have been taken care of before hand. Kind of spoils to memories LOL :>)
    Scott and Jen

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    It's because it's a foreign bank, even though it's charged in dollars. I really don't think there is anything Couples can do about it other than change banks for their processing or give you a credit.

    As has been stated before the best way to get around this is to use a CAPITAL ONE CARD.

    I have one I use for all travel just because they don't charge these fees.

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    That's not necessary true, I have a Capital One MasterCard and they DO charge foreign transaction fee of 2.5%, this is verified on January 14th 2011, I called them and asked.

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