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    Default CSA - dress code question - Patios

    We are getting ready to return for our 2nd trip to CSA and I had a question about the dress code at Patios. When we went last year, we never ended up eating lunch at Patios because we were in swimsuits. I searched the FAQ's and just want to clarify: is it OK to wear a swimsuit, cover up and sandals for both breakfast and lunch at Patios? When we had breakfast there we always wore shorts and tees and then went back to our room to change for the beach/pool.

    Thanks everyone!! Just over 4 weeks now.

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    Yes, it's fine as long as you are covered and have shoes at Patois.

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    Yeah, I was there last week and we wore suits. As long as they are dry you are good to go.

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    When we were there, it was okay to wear a dry bathing suit and a cover-up for breakfast and lunch.

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    We ate lunch there twice last week and both times I was in a swimsuit covered up with a sarong, and in flip flops. Almost everyone was in a swimsuit with some kind of coverup. You should be good.

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    While there 2 weeks ago, I saw many people at Patois with coverups and sandals/flip flops. I always had shorts and a t-shirt on, but several people there were more casual

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    Perfectly ok. Patois is our favorite restaurant!

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    We wore cover ups over our bathing suit practically everytime we went there (breakfast and lunch), but we made sure we were clean and dry and not dragging in a bunch of sand in the restaurant.

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    Yes it is totally fine. I have always worn my swimsuit, coverup sundress and flip flops and never had a problem for breakfast and lunch at patois. Enjoy!

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    Actually, Patois is a bit more formal than the Palms for b'fast and lunch. I went in for lunch one day with a two piece bathing suit and a sarong around my waist as a skirt. I was told that in order to dine I'd need to tie the sarong around my neck as a dress - thankfully it was big/long enough to do so! At the Palms I always go with a bikini and a sarong as a skirt, and no problems....Still no problem, though....

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    Default the AHA moment!

    I totally answered my own question! I came across my packet of paperwork from our stay last year and the little brochure that we got on check-in says "breakfast and lunch is casual; a coverup is required for bathing suits."

    I also see that Patois (I KNEW I was spelling it wrong!)is not open for lunch which could be why we never ate there. LOL

    Vacation is on my brain!

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    Everyone has been most helpful! So Patois must be open for lunch - that's great! I will make sure and include a few dress type coverups in my packing.

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    I'm confused now - I thought Patois served lunch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    I'm confused now - I thought Patois served lunch!
    You'll have to forgive me - I was tired when I posted last night! lol I was looking at my little brochure from CSA and it didn't list lunch times for Patois so I assumed they didn't serve it. But it looks like from everyone's post they do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    I'm confused now - I thought Patois served lunch!
    It does.

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    Patois IS open for lunch. We ate there twice last week. When Patois first opened, I seem to remember they only did breakfast and dinner. In fact, I believe on our trips in '06 and '07 they were only breakfast and dinner, so they started doing lunch sometime after that.

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