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    Default Can't get a hold of Misha Earle

    I emailed Misha about a week ago and she still hasn't emailed me back yet. I emailed her again yesterday, still no answer. Did anybody else have trouble getting a hold of her?? I am getting married at CSA March 14th 2011, I want to book her now!

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    Congrats!!! Do you have to use Misha? They're a few other VERY good photographers in the area.

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    can you phone her, maybe she is on vacation

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    That's cutting it close :-) We had a minor difficulty contacting her but found it was the way gmail worked. We used the same subject and the way it grouped in her email it didn't alert her. So, only tip that I can say is when you email her make certain to use different subjects on each email. Other than that little blurp, she replied very quickly.

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    Forgot to mention in my earlier post, we got married in CSA on 4-12 and she was our photographer. She mentioned that April was turning out to be a busy month so that could be part of the reason. Hang in there, she is worth the wait.

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    I emailed her again today. If she doesn't write me back by tomorrow, I am going to write her on facebook. I really want her to do my photos. :O)

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    case closed people! I got a hold of her on facebook, it turns out she was not getting my emails. But good news she's available on my wedding date!! :O))))

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    For anyone trying to contact Misha through her website, there is a technical problem which she is working on. Please email her directly on She apologizes for not receiving those queries.

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    Hello, I just sent her an email directly using her direct email address and received a response within minutes. Maybe it's the subject headings that are sending the filters haywire, I don't know. Maybe try emailing her using the email address and not the form and giving a descriptive subject... Good luck!!!

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    Glad to hear that you got hold of her. She is a lot of fun and the time with her will fly by.

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