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    Default Premier vs Deluxe Ocean View- Quick Response

    Need to know if its worth the extra money to upgrade to Premier Ocean View. My travel agent is saying yes, but wanted to know what the "real people" say. The deluxe rooms look like they are right on the ocean so I dont know what the big difference would be.. Help, she says I need to put the deposit down asap.

    Thanks !

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    We had a Deluxe room last time, and were eligible for an upgrade (romance rewards.) We opted not to take it, we liked our room so much!!


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    I'm assuming this is at CTI, as a travel agent myself, I would suggest checking out the panoramic views on the website. While the Premier Ocean appears to be a little bigger, I believe that the difference is where the rooms are located. Also, unless you have specific needs in terms of what you require out of your room, an oceanview is an oceanview. I am having my wedding there in October, and for my guests I booked all Superior Oceanview rooms. For most of them, it's their first time to Jamaica, so I didn't see the need for them to pay more, especially since their newbies. So my suggestion would be to check out the locations of the rooms, see what each room offers that is privy to each. If what the Premier Oceanview offers isn't a dealbreaker over what the deluxe oceanview offers, then stick with the Deluxe! If what the Premier oceanview offers that differs from the Deluxe is important, then do the upgrade!

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    Which resort? It does make a difference.

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    don't waste your money. the little time you spend in your room
    is'nt worth it!!!

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    Except for the rooms in the new building, all the Oceanview rooms are pretty much right on the ocean. Superior might have a slightly obstructed view--ie palm trees swaying in the breeze in front your balcony. Most have a view of the island, some are west facing. The new building while it does offer ocean views is right over the main pool, still nice views of ocean though.

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    This was very good information. I think I may stick with deluxe instead of premier I dont want views of the pool area. The thought of the new building had me going but I think I will take the old building with a better view.

    Thanks Everybody!

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