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    Default Photographer Rave!!!!

    Just got back from my 4/17 wedding and still enjoying my honeymoon with my new husband but had to post a review of my photographer! I hired Diana Campbell of digital memories after reading many posts about her on here (I got married at Couples Tower Isle) and she and her son were amazing. She did the videography for us and her son Richard did our pictures. They paid very close attention to detail to the point where I had forgotten i had a hair tie on my wrist and they quickly noticed and took it off for me. My dress was also a little wrinkled so Diana helped iron it! They did way more than I could have ever asked for and actually had hired them for and they were decently priced!

    Their website is :
    Here is a link to the slideshow they did for me. We have over 300 pictures but I have yet to upload them!

    4/17/10 - Couples Resort Tower Isle

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    thanks for sharing, Diana did a really good job

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    Beautiful picture! We hired Diana last June. We just love them!

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