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    Default are there an private beaches?

    or are they all public, really dont want to deal with vendors..wont go back to another all inclusive company due to this fact

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    CSS and CTI are private.

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    At CTI there is a private island... at CSS there is a beach while not public there is people off to the left since it is the mouth of a river but the pool area is very private... I can not comment on CN since I never been out there.....

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    The two resorts in Ocho Rios have private beaches (Sans souci and Tower Isle) and you won't be bothered by vendors. The two resorts in Negril are on public beaches,but vendors are not really a problem

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    CTI and CSS are private beaches

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    The beach at CTI has no vendors on it, and it is tucked away.

    Follow the link to see a satellite view of the island. Zoom in (hit the + sign on the right side of the map) and the beach you see is the CTI main beach.

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    You don't need to worry about the vendors at any Couples resort. See this thread for more information:
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