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    We recently returned from our Couples Sans Souci trip and I have to say, we loved every minute of it!!! It was a wonderful trip. Here are some pictures of our trip, before I get to the review:

    Airport and Transfer: This might be the only part of the trip I have a complaint about. We got in rather late (8:30pm flight) and the Lounge was still open, we were greeted, checked in, and given drinks promptly. However, we had to wait a very long time since we were waiting for another couple who never showed, and while we were waiting I happened to look up and the couples employee had his coat on, grabbed his bag, and left us there without a single word. We never saw him again, it looked like he went home for the night while we were still waiting there, and we weren't sure what to do... we waited about 15 more minutes before someone came for us for our ride to the resort. So we thought that was a bit weird, but hey, we got there, so oh well. The way back went fine, we had an early flight and couples got us there on time and everything... perfect. =)

    Room: was perfect!!! Upon arrival, we were told we had been "upgraded.." never asked what we were upgraded to, but we were in D block on the ground floor. We had a medium size balcony with a nice table a chairs, nice bed and HUGE shower... overall we didn't spend a ton of time in the room so we had no complaints, although we did spend a lot of napping time in the hammocks right outside our front door!!!

    Restaurants and food: We ate at the Palazzina for all breakfasts and lunches, and it was pretty good. I didn't care for one of the lunches (Asian themed), but the rest of it was delicious and the staff was really attentive. Special shout out to Keneisha who was AMAZING and made me smile each morning.

    We only ate at Casanova once but it was delicious (as expected!). Try the rack of lamb with the peppercorns and blue cheese crust!!! heaven. really. My partner had the salmon and that was good as well. The piano guy was there playing although while we were there they started the nightly entertainment at the balloon bar right outside (singing) and that got a little loud and overwhelmed the piano.. but it was still a nice night. The waiter held out our chairs for us, tucked our napkins on our lap, and was otherwise very, very good. I wish I'd remembered his name.

    The Starlight Gala, on Friday night, was also amazing. Ice sculptures, great food, and the lines weren't too long. I would suggest getting there a little early (it starts at seven thirty) to reserve a good table, since the ones in the front fill up fast... but overall, it was a beautiful night and we enjoyed the entertainment and the raffle. The singer they have for this night is very good, as is the band, although we wished they would play more Jamaican-style music and less American tunes. Just our preference though. It was a wonderful night.

    Beach: This was pretty much as expected, small but decent. The reports of the algae and seaweed in the water that I'd read beforehand were all true, and it actually ended up freaking me out a bit because I'd be walking in the ocean and couldn't see my feet and then I'd step in a clump of something slimey... not too pleasant. So we spent most of our time in the pool, although I'm sure for someone just wanting to float there and not walk around the beach would be lovely.

    We also tried the A/N beach once, just headed out, stripped off our clothes, and went and floated in the ocean for a half hour. It was really nice!!! We didn't try the pool or bar there but I enjoyed the experience and IMHO the A/N beach is nicer than the normal beach... prettier. It does have rocks though that you have to walk over in the water before you get to the smooth sandy bottom- not a big deal for us, we floated over them!

    Pool: Much to our surprise, 2 of their pools are saltwater!!! I'd never been in a saltwater pool before, although the main pool was freshwater. The swim up bar at the main pool was excellent and we spent a looooot of time floating around here. =) Loved it. We also loved all the hidden jacuzzis... the one by the spa was our favorite. It's surrounded by palms and greenery and it makes you feel like you're in tropical paradise... which you are!! Only downside is we forgot our towels and had to run back to our room FREEZING from the jacuzzi... hahaha our mistake!!!

    Grounds: Were simply beautiful. I have never been anywhere so green, and lush, and pretty. We spent an afternoon (as suggested) walking the grounds and all the stairways and it was wonderful... so pretty, and so romantic. =)

    Dunn's River Falls Excursion: this was simply AMAZING. We went on a Friday when the resort doesn't provide transportation, but they did give us our entrance tickets and we took a cab for $35 round trip. We went on a day when there were no cruise ships in port and hardly anyone there... we basically had the place to ourselves, just us and our guide, and it was wonderful!!! I highly recommend doing it this way rather than going with the resort, you get a lot more of a private experience and it's awesome!!!

    Water sports: Unfortunately, we didn't get to try any because there were red flag days the whole time we were there. Oh well!!! snorkeling and waterskiing will be tried next time!!!

    one more thing: I just wanted to say, we are a lesbian couple and despite our fears, we had absolutely no problem with the way we were treated in Jamaica. Every single one of the couples staff greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm, and off-resort when we went to Dunn's River Falls, we acted like friends and not partners and were treated just fine. I think our Falls guide even knew but he still was nice and took pictures of us and everything. So I'm not saying that homophobia doesn't exist in Jamaica, but we were fine so for any gay people thinking of vacationing at Couples.. go for it!!! You'll have a blast.

    Overall impression: Couples me and exceeded our expectations... we can't wait to go back. It was our first Couples experience and we had the time of our lives. Thanks Couples and CSS staff for a great time!!!!

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    thanks for the review, we are going to CSS on May 18th. Trying to see your pictures but the photo gallery is not opening. I will try again later.

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    Ayslinn - A great review! We post our pictures on Kodak gallery as well, and sometimes it has issues! Please try posting the link again so we can see your pictures. Thanks!

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    great review thanks for posting.

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    still appears not to work....would love to see the photos soon as we will be on our first trip to CSS in 6 weeks.
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    Great review! I am so glad that u and your partner didn't encounter any problems while on vacation. I know that someone had asked about gay couples staying @ Couples. I am soooo glad that u both had a wonderful and can't wait until 09/2011 when my husband & I can brag about the great time that we had. Still unable to view pictures.

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    Still cant open...

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    She has a new link to the pictures in this post:
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