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    Default Age of guests

    We are a senior couple and would like to know if there is one of the resorts where there are usually more mature couples, rather than honeymooners?

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    We are mid sixties, have been to all 4 resorts and have never felt out of place despite travelling each year at peak honeymoon time (mid Feb including Valentines Day). Having said that, we found a greater percentage of mature couples at CSS than at the other 3 resorts. So I would recommend CSS - it is one of our 2 favourite Couples resorts.

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    Age is not an issue at any of the Couples, young & old alike seem to mix quite well,
    But, CTI seemed to have a little older crowd when we were there.

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    Can't speak for all the resorts, but we were at CTI in Nov 2009, and there were couples from the 20s to the 70s. Can't say that there were more of one group over the other. There were plenty of 40s-50s like us. I think you will enjoy wherever you go. Good luck on your choice.
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    We're also seniors and feel very comfortable at SweptAway. There is a nice mix of honeymooners, younger couples and seniors. Activities fit every possible age range. CSA is the only resort in the family that does not have a nude beach...a plus for me...but if that's important to you, you might want to consider one of the other three. We're already booked for our 9th visit, so you can see that we really enjoy going there.

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    The cool thing about Couples is it attracts couples of all ages as opposed to the S resort that seems to a track honeymooners.

    Choose anyone of the four and you will be among a group of wonderful guests. From early twenties to eighties. But I would say that the clientele leans more toward folks in their forties plus.
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    A wide range of ages can be found at any of the Couples Resorts. There isn't one that is better for a particular age group or for a particular purpose.

    While any of the four Couples Resorts would be a great place to spend a honeymoon, it's incorrect to assume that most guests are there for that purpose. Only a minority of guests are on their honeymoon. We've been to the various resorts 17 times; not one trip was for a honeymoon.

    Pick the resort that appeals to you the most, relax, and enjoy.
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    Not always, but it seems CSS has a more mature crowd. Remember @ Couples resorts age is only a number. Everyone mixes well no matter what age or maturity level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold&Mady View Post
    We are a senior couple and would like to know if there is one of the resorts where there are usually more mature couples, rather than honeymooners?

    It's not about age at Couples so go to whatever resort calls out to you. There are people of all ages so no worries.
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    There is no way that anyone can generalize about the ages of people at Couples. Don't worry... you will fit in. My wife and I are in our mid-50s and we've been to CSA 3 times over the last 10 years. We never felt out of place and neither will you. Couples is just different. No one is there looking around trying to see if they fit in. As near as I can tell everyone there is there because they are really into the person they came with and no one else matters. The only people who would come here and be disappointed are people who either were looking to "hook up" with someone else (not happening here) or someone who was looking for a "swinging scene"... no that's not happening here either. I've seen people at CSA from the low 20s to at least the 70s and they all fit in. You'll sit a bar and strike up a conversation with another couple and find they are a lot like you regardless of how old they are. Age is just a non-issue and something you shouldn't worry about. Go... lie in the great food...have a few drinks (Don't turn on the TV news) .... unwind and relax. Enjoy the person you came with. And don't worry about anyone else. You will love it. I guarantee it. I know it sounds impossible... but you have to go to understand.

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    Nope! All resorts have all ages. Sorry, you will need to be happy with them all.

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    My husband and I are 59 and 67 so I guess that makes us a "senior couple" if you want to look at it that way (which we don't). Well anyway we have been to Sans Souci three times and absolutely love it and have found the age range to be a nice mix. We are headed back again this winter, can't wait. We have never been to any of the other Couples resorts, fell in love with Sans Souci the first trip and we are hooked. Good luck with your decision and have a great trip wherever you choose.

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    Default not to worry

    There are all age groups @ each of the 3 Couples we have been to. Actually, we saw many seniors @CSS this last trip, but it has never been an issue for us. Just go and have fun!

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    Only having been to CSA 3 times,4th. coming up all I can say is at CSA age dosent matter.I'm in 60's and we have a Great time with all age groups.

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    I don't think that there is one resort or another with old or younger guests. I think that you will find a mix at any given time. We usually go to CN the first or second week of August and have always found a mix of age groups. (I just turned 50 and my husband is soon to be 59) I did notice when we were there in December a few years ago that the over all age seemed to be a little older, more mature, not quite as many honeymooners.

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    Define senior couple?

    At Couples Resorts age is simply a number and at 55 and 58 we had no problem socializing with those younger and even older.

    Couples Resorts are geared for people of ALL ages and no one will fault you if you get a touch of youth in your blood and act a few years younger.

    As to which one contains more mature couples. That is a hard question to respond to but no matter which one you select you can be assured you can find what you are looking for at any of the Couples Resorts. Select a resort for the features that attract you not because of an age issue.

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    Default Css

    Just returned from CSS, we are 40 and 41, my husband commented on the "older" crowd at this resort. But it was perfect, if we wanted hoopin' and hollerin' all day and night we wouldn't have chosen Couples. We met couples in their 20s and some in their 60s (maybe they were older, looked younger).

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    We are an older couple and have been to CN 5 times. There are couples of all ages. I'd say MOST are "middle-aged" meaning 30s and 40s, but there are folks who are obviously in their 20s (not many) and some who are pushing 70.

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    Well we sure aren't honeymooners and we are returning for our 2nd time to CSA.

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    Default Mature Couple?

    We were at CN end of February and we are in our mid-forties. We saw five weddings that week and only one of the weddings had REALLY young folks, meaning early 20's. The other newlyweds appeared to be in their early 30's or 40's. My "age" impressions of our 8 nights while at CN were that the majority of people were in their mid to late 40's with the rest of the folks falling above and below that age range. I would also go as far as saying that more folks fell above the mid-40 age range. We spent a lot of time with a lovely couple from EU who would be considered senior citizens. We had a wonderful time talking with the couple and have even corresponded with them since returning home. I honestly feel that the average age each week will fluctuate depending on whom books which week through out the year. No worries - it is a VERY nice mix!!!

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    We just returned from CSA and it's a true mix from 20's to 70's. We're mid 50's and have been to CN & CSS 2 times and it's the same mix. CSS didn't seen to have as many 20-30 somethings as the other 2 though. We have always struck up a conversation with all age groups when we go. This past trip we had a great time at the Sunset bar with a couple from Ohio that were our kids age. We have found that as long as you are still young at heart and love to be together it shows. We have been to Jamaica 7 times now and on each trip we ended up talking to a young couple that is just starting out their life together. Each time they seemed facinated that we have been married for 31 years and have been together for 40 years. I'd like to think that us old folks can be an inspiration to the young couples who enter into marriage with the full expectation to be together forever. We have always been asked in these situations what our secret is and we tell them it's pretty simple. Get away from the stress of life at least once a year and keep coming back to Couples with your best friend.
    Don't fret the age differences, it doesn't matter at Couples.

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    rjammin -

    We couldn't agree with you more... We also enjoy the opportunities to "show 'em how its done" ... that longevity is just a way to enjoy the brief time that those in love have together.

    Joy and I will be celebrating our upcoming anniversary (35th on June 6) with our return home to SweptAway May22-30th; we're enjoying the anticipation for our 8th visit!

    As far as appearances go, how can it be unseemly for anyone in love to enjoy the romance that can only be found at Couples, regardless of age? To the original poster... fear not... go for it... and ...


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    All age groups at cn, i'm 52 and there were all different ages

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