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    Any idea why our departure time was so early in the day compared to our flight? We had a 12:43 pm flight from MBJ and we left CN at 7:15am arriving at the airport at 8:25am and clearing customs/security by 8:40am and standing in front of our gate 4 hours before we departed. We could have had a big breakfast and left at 9am and still had plenty of time to catch our flight (it seems) Why so early?

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    We've had this go both ways... with last year being the worst, just one month removed from the unfortunate incident at MoBay (the mentally ill kid with the gun). We left in plenty of time, but the place was nuts... we BARELY made our gate.

    I see where lots of folks will beg, borrow or steal for an extra hour at the resort. In my opinion, its a travel day, and I'd much rather get it over with. I don't like being rushed... but that's just me.

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    Normally you will depart your hotel approx. 4 hours before your flight. Your timing was 5 1/2 hours before. I would have questioned it. If you sign a release not holding Couples responsible they will leave later,but 5 1/2 hours sounds much too long

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    It will depend on the bus schedule. I think they try to combine folks leaving in the morning within a couple of hours of each other on the same bus. The busses seem to run only every couple of hours prior to noon or so. I am sure they only want to make sure you are on time to make your flight. Our return flight this year is also scheduled to take off at about 12:40'ish, so I anticipate we will be leaving before 8 AM as well. We will catch an early breakfast after packing and getting into our travel clothes.

    Anecdotal story here:

    On one of our trips to CSA our flight time for our return changed while we were at the resort without our knowledge. It had been moved up about 45 minutes. We left at the time that the front desk had instructed us and when we got to the airport we were informed after we had cleared security that our plan was leaving in about 10 minutes. After that it was a blur. We dashed where we could and sweated through the lines at the gates. We were the last to board our flight and were airborne within minutes of being seated. No harm done, but it was pretty scary for a while there. After that we have developed the habit of verifying departure flights on line while we are at CSA. I no longer have a problem with leaving some time to spare at the airport in MoBay for our return flight. Gives us time to do a little shopping at the airport anyway, and mrs. dirtleg always appreciates some shopping time.

    It's all irie. Have a great trip.

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    The road construction from CN to MBJ may have prompted the early leaving time. Perhaps if you left later you would have encountered traffic and would have arrived at the airport too late.

    In the past guests have left the resort 4 hours before their plane departs, but with the road construction they are needing to extend that time.

    If I was headed to CN anytime soon I'd take Tim Air, it gives you a couple extra hours at the resort and is a quick 15 minute flight to MBJ.
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    That's my pet peeve - last year they tried to have us leave CSS 5 hours before the flight. I refused to go and insisted on a later bus (not rude just insistent). They did make me sign a release that if I missed my flight it was not their responsibility. We left the resort 3 1/2 hours or 4 hours before the flight and were through security with more than 2 hours to spare.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    Normally you will depart your hotel approx. 4 hours before your flight. Your timing was 5 1/2 hours before. I would have questioned it. If you sign a release not holding Couples responsible they will leave later,but 5 1/2 hours sounds much too long
    I don't know if it's due to the current road construction taking place outside of Moday airport, but they've increased that lead time even more now. We had a Saturday departure from CN with a 3:50pm flight time, yet they had us scheduled to leave at 9:15am - over 6½ hour lead time!! That's insane, but that's what they scheduled.

    Well, we ended up going with TimAir and accordingly they had us leaving the resort at 1:00 - huge difference, well worth the $214 we paid.

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    Usually the departure bus leaves a minimum of four hours ahead of time. This leaves plenty of time to deal with flight check-in (which can be brutal), and customs and immigration, which can be crazy. They might have built in extra time on your shuttle to deal with the morning rush hour. While it really is kind of a drag to be stuck at the airport that long in advance, staring outside at the sunshine, it is better to be safe than sorry. I've found that if we've gotten to the airport way too early, that we will check our bags and get our boarding passes. I then look at the immigration line. If it isn't backed up, we'll go outside and enjoy some sunshine. Not a big consolation, but it's an option.

    Also, if you absolutely hate leaving even four hours ahead of time, there's always the Tim Air or private limo option. Both are pricey, but at least it gives you options.

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    We did question the early departure time but the lady at the front desk showed us the form which said "due to road construction our departure times are 1 hour earlier than normal", we had no traffic delays obviously, and arrived 4 hours early. We both would rather be early than late but this seemed extreme, certainly didn't spoil a nice vacation.

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    Did you ask at the resort???

    Sounds like you made good time but that's not the normal amount of time- the airlines set the guidelines and the resorts abide by them. They are responsible for getting you there on time.

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    April 17, 2010 we left CSS at 10:30, 4 hours prior to flight. It rained on the way to the airport. By the time we checked our bags, made it through the HUGE security line, bought a bottle of rum cream (no dilly-dallying, either) and grabbed a bottle of soda, we had less than 30 minutes til departure. I planned to shop at the airport for gifts and ran out of time. The bus took a full two hours to get to the airport in the rain and the security like seemed like it would never end.

    Back in Nov, left CN a little over 4 hours prior to our flight and spend almost three hours walking around the airport waiting to leave.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

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