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    Default For the bride: white bouquet or colorful?

    Hi Girls --

    Since Debbie & CN have made the planning stress-free for my June 12 wedding, the only thing I'm really struggling with at this point is whether to go with an all-white bouquet and white flower in my hair, or to go with a colorful bouquet and flower?

    I have 3 bridesmaids who are wearing kelly green dresses and I'd like to have them carry bright orange and pink flowers and wear a pink or orange flower in their hair.

    I am trying to decided whether I want to stand apart with all white, but I also love the look in photographs with the colorful flowers against the white dress. Any suggestions or pics to help me out?


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    I was thinking exactly the same before I got married as I really wanted bright colourful flowers but little white flowers in my hair. In the end we decided on bright pink and white Gerberas and orchids. That way I got the bright flowers in the bouquet, but I got little white orchids in my hair, and my husband, mum and dad all got to have white gerberas.
    It won't let me attach a picture on here.


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    Go with color. If you go with all white and have a white or light colored dress they won't show up in your pictures except as a cluster of something. Anytime you have a grouping of the same color the camera doesn't pick out the differences among the flowers.

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    I paid $40.00 to upgrade my flowers and it was totally worth it! I had a very tropical colorful arrangement and wore a white flower in my hair! PERFECT!!

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    Thanks, guys - sounds like color it is! 26 days to go!

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