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    Default advice to soon to be brides

    get your hair and make up done. I did, and was so happy with the results. Tessa did such a wonderful job with both. I felt wonderful on my big day!

    Schedule your hair and make up 3 hours before the wedding to give you enough time to enjoy the day. I was not able to do this, and was a little late. Everything still ran really smooth, due to the coordinator, Antonette and my photographer!

    Book Diana and Richard Campbell. They are so professional and worth every penny. They were not much more than the resort photographer and videographer, but they spent as much time as you want taking pics. They go all over the resort, and they offered to take us to a park. We got 469 pics, and some were edited, black and white, sepia, and some were all black and white, with my flowers being color. We had a slide show set to our music. It was wonderful. they know how to take original and different pictures that look natural and unique. They are wonderful!

    Bring music that is meaningful to you for the wedding, 4-5 songs. Bring a copy of the cd for the photographer.

    Trash the dress. these are my favorite pictures, and this brought some wonderful releif from the unbearable heat!!! Plus it was so much fun! The dress is easy to clean, plus, your never gonna wear it again. The memories are worth it!

    Enjoy the day, they take care of everything else. I will never forget mine.

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    your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing, Did you bring your own makeup for them to apply???

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    Great pictures! You mentioned the photographer was the same price as the resort, did you pay a $500 vendor fee?
    CTI Aug 21, 2010

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    Thanks for sharing your special day with us!!! Your advice was great and I will use some of your suggestions!!!
    Did you use the photographer for less than 3-4 hours? If so was the price pro-rated for the time used, or one flat rate? I've compared the resort photographer to Diana Campbell's...and I've found a HUGE price mentioned Diana's price was similar to the resort's.

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    I did not bring my own make up, I figured and hoped they would have some much better than mine. And they did. Tessa did a wonderful job.

    Diana offered to stay as long as I wanted- even take us off the resort to a garden for pictures. She stayed from 11:30 til 2, I think. But we ended up with a video and 469 pictures. More that I imagained.

    When I say the price is comparable, I mean for the resort photgraphy and videography. I know that does not include the $500 resort fee, but in my mind, it was well worth it. This was all I had to take home to my family and for memories. It was beautiful. The CDS have your pics etched on the tops, and the cd covers have ur pics on them. Everything is so professional. There is no pic 24 or 36. Its my wedding, how can I pick 36 or even 50. I want them all. Diane and Richard were amazing and worth the little bit of extra money. The unique photos they took made me feel like a model. I cannot rave enough!!

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