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    Default Jamaican Wedding Cake

    If anyone has a doubt about which cake to get I strongly urge you to have the Jamaican Wedding Cake. It was incredible! We were so bummed when we realized on the bus back to the airport that we forgot our top! Of course we're going back to CSS for our first anniversary so perhaps we can arrange to have it again?

    It is a dark cake with lots of fruit but not that you can see. You actually put them in a food processor and soak them in rum and/or possibly wine. My understanding is you're supposed to soak them for weeks if not months. The spices are more along the lines of what you'd get in a spice cake. There were 6 of us in the wedding party and everyone absolutely raved about how wonderful it was! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Randymon is it all possible to get the recipe?!? We are having a wedding reception in July and I would love to recreate the cake for all to enjoy.

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    Can you taste the alcohol in the cake? My husband doesn't drink or even like the taste of alcohol. Thanks.

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    I love love love the cake, my neice got married a few years back here but her FI family is from jamaica and they started making the cake 1 year in advance. Yes we could taste the rum but they made it very very strong, might be different from the resort. I think you can ask to have a cake tasting before you make your decision just email Debbie about it

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    It was way too rich for us. We could only eat a few bites

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    There is a slight rum flavor but it was by no means overpowering. I've had some rum cakes here at home where you could have lit the cake with a match and watch it burn!
    If your husband really doesn't like the flavor of any alcohol then I would get something else so he won't be disappointed.

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