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    Default My CN review (Required warning. A tad long)

    My girlfriend and I just got back from a week at Couples Negril

    It was our second time to Jamaica as we stayed at an AI at Dunn's River last year, so I will make a few comparisons. The other resort just recently closed, but it probably wasn't due to anything negative.


    CN has a decidedly comfortable feel and we never felt pressured to do anything we didn't want nor did we feel as though we were anything but the most important guests at the resort.

    On our visit to the other place the play-makers were often annoying as they wouldn't take no for an answer. Also the other place treated the Butler and Concierge guests a lot differently than the rest.


    While not negative, the decor was definitely less grand at CN, but still quite nice. I think the aim is more casual and comfortable than grand.

    The room was great and having the extra touches included (Complimentary in room bar stocked the way we wanted and a great in room continental breakfast as well.) was nice.

    The bathroom was nicer at CN, but left one of the few negatives. Don't expect a hot shower unless you are up very early. Tepid at best with cool most times. This is something which might sour the visit for some. Yes. I do realize that there is a tremendous load on the hot water supply, but it shouldn't be a surprise to them and enough hot water should be part of the design DESPITE the load.

    The workout facilities were superb (What a great gym!) and the internet cafe always left a free station available to send a note home.

    The beach

    OMG the beach. We were totally prepared for the beach due to extensive research and we were still blown away. Words just can't do it. The sand is clear and soft with no rocky or weedy spots and it goes on forever. There are beautiful shade trees and lots of hammocks.

    Having the double row of buoys to mark off the swimming area is a very nice touch as it keeps the jet ski guys at a respectable distance to allow for much less annoyance. Not that they were a major pain as they did respect a polite no thanks, but they did ask fairly often... sometimes waking us from our little daze of relaxation.

    The red flag service was much better than expected as many reviewers complained. We never waited more than a few minutes for service.

    Tons of beach chairs and having the floaties on every chair is a wonderful touch (There were none at the other place) as they make it more comfortable and are also great for relaxing in the water.

    All vendors were extremely polite and one was extremely useful. (Insert funny aside) One guy would walk the beach "Cigarettes....cigars..cigars..cigars" and then "It's gonna be" Well it was our running joke and we were disappointed the day he didn't show up to give us our weather forecast. We've never had a weatherman who was always right.

    The biggest difference for the beach is that it felt totally comfortable at CN while the other really felt like you were entering a DMZ if you strayed off the property.


    Loved it all.

    Don't miss Derrick's orange jerk sauce as it is to die for.

    Nuff said.


    Maid service was impeccable.

    Waiters were generally good, but this would be one area where there could be some improvement. A few times it was tough to get a coffee and it was poured as though it was a bother, the same for a drink at the beach bar...even when they weren't particularly busy.

    The grill was often missing something like knives or spoons or glasses and even salt a couple times. They would go get some if asked, but it seemed like they had to go away from the grill to get them....a little delay. (Yeah. A little picky, but.....)

    A couple of notable servers:. Tanya was a joy as was Denver. Both made it seem like they enjoyed seeing us and brought a smile EVERY time.

    While not really a service person I cannot fail to mention Nellie. She is incredible and is worth at least double what she's paid no matter how much that is. With the hours she worked and her ability to make us feel like we were incredibly special each and every time we saw her, I know she is a very special person. Nobody can fake that personality!


    We loved CN and WILL return. The complaints add up to small annoyances rather than problems and the "feel" of the Couples experience suited our tastes even better than the up-scale features of the other (nameless) chain we tried first.

    We felt comfortable in everything we did or did not do (Our choices seemed good enough for the staff) and we felt we were as good as anyone else no matter what room they may have occupied at night.

    You could not regret the Couples Negril choice.

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    Questor -
    Thanks for the detailed review! I am so excited to experience everything for myself in a few weeks. I'm sure we're going to have an amazing honeymoon!

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    That wasn't too long! lol CN was the first resort that I went to a couple years ago. I vividly remember Denver. He was awesome every time he served us. Cn is a beautiful resort. Glad you had a nice time.

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