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    Default CSA - Where to eat/reservations?

    I would love to hear about nightly restraunts to eat/which ones to make reservations. I know at CSA we went through them all last year, and were able to repeat at most we enjoyed. I would like to hear your evaluations, so we can make the better reservations upon arrival so we don't miss out on the best!

    4 days and no problem mon....every-ting is arie again!!!!!!

    George & Shari
    May 1 - 8
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    The only reservable restaraunts at SweptAway are Feathers and LemonGrass.

    Feathers is inpeccable for service, and the food is quite remarkable, to say the least! LemonGrass, of course, is their Thai/Jamaican/American fusion restaraunt, and if you like Thai, it usually gets rave reviews.

    The other restaraunts aren't slouches when it comes to good food, variety, and service either.

    I think you've been through the mill there... so you already know all this. Enjoy!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Lemongrass is good, and is the most romantic restaurant. Feathers is not our thing, we usually pass. I like Patois the best of any places to eat.

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    So let me get this straight-------You've been there, you've eaten in all the restaurants, you want everyone else to tell you which ones are best?

    Hmm, okay.

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    I agree with AIcouple- Lemongrass is more romantic and the food is great! It got a bit warm for my boyfriend and I noticed many guys dapping their foreheads. Definitely worth it!
    In our opinion, Feathers was our least favorite for food and service. Try it though, maybe you will have a better experience.

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