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    Default Sniffle, Sniffle, Pout, Pout!!!!!

    My Husband Chris and I just returned from our first trip to CSA.
    What can we say except for the fact that it was absolutely beautiful.

    I am sitting here at my desk looking at our pictures I just had developed at Costco, and although it was just a few days ago I am reminiscing of the beauty and the fun we had.

    Chris and I arrived at CSA on Fri the 16th around 4:00 pm from California. Everything up to this point was the typical from all of the other reviews. We stayed in the BFVS on the 3rd floor and the view was amazing. It was raining pretty good that afternoon and we were soooo dang loopy from our long flight. So we just decided to get some dinner at Patois and call it a night.

    The Highlight of our trip was meeting our friends Jennifer and Neil (who are still at CSA)on the beach Sunday afternoon.
    From that point on the Par-Tay was on. We started with Bob Marleys at the Bamboo Bar, need I say anything more?

    So any ways to keep this short, I think every body who has been to CSA knows what I mean when I say Sniffle, Sniffle, Pout, Pout
    as I am sitting here at my desk in California.

    Can't wait to return home again Erika

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    WE feel your pain,exactly a month ago today we arrived at CSA ,loved every minute of it and will be booking our return trip soon..

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    Where in CA are you from. We live in San Diego. Mira Mesa actually... Gottat LOVE CSA!

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    Hi Mira, We are from we are from Stockton, which is about a half hour South of the State Capital Sacramento.
    We usually fly out of San Francisco which is about an 1 1/2 to 2 hrs from our house depending on traffic.

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    HI Barry sorry I got your name mixed up with your city.....Sorry! Mira Mesa is that closer to LA or San Diego?

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    Greetings Erika and Chris!
    We had a blast with you guys and cannot wait to review all our photos together soon (in Tahoe perhaps?) SO many stories! Turn that frown upside down and get to booking 2011!!! Check your email....and get ready to bring the dogs out!!!!! Blowing it up, Gerkhin style!
    Jelephant and Florist

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