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    Default Dunns River Falls

    Does anyone know the days that cruise ships are NOT in port? Someone posted that Sunday is a good day to go to Dunns River Falls because there are no cruise ships and no crowds. Is there another day that there are no cruise ships there?
    Thank you!

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    We went on Sunday in Feb and were the only group there.

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    Cruise ships do not land on Sunday and is the best day to go. We went last November and accidentally chose Sunday to take our driver and his family to Dunn's River Falls. Patrick's wife and children and never been and it was like Cristmas and vacation all rolled into one and was the highlight of our trip. I highly recommend Dunn's River Falls.
    Jack & Donna

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    A lot depends on the time of year. Schedules will change. Check the cruise ship schedule at Cruise TT - I've used it before. It's not 100% accurate, but pretty close I think.

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    we went on friday and not only were there no cruise ships, there wasn't anyone else there either! on a friday, you have to provide your own transportation however since neither CSS or CTI go on fridays.

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    Great info. Thank you all. I love the link to the cruise ship schedule. Thanks a bunch!

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    When we went to Dunn's River Falls in early March, our guide told us that Couples offers DRF in the morning, as tours from the Cruise Ships go in the afternoon. They told us before we got there that we'd be the only ones climbing the falls (two buses from CTI).

    I think this might be the case since I've seen on this message board several times that the Couples crowd has been alone in climbing the falls.

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    I didn't mention that we went on Saturday.

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    Default Cruise Ships

    I think every week they may change itineraries depending on which cruise lines are there that week. Not all cruise ships travel to Jamaica each week. I checked Carnival, Royal Carribean, Princess (which seem to be the largest ships) for the dates I will be at CTI. For that week, it looks like Tuesday and Wednesday are dates with no cruise lines in port.

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