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Thread: May 7-14, 2011

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    To all of the first timers at CSS.....Get yourself together for propbably the best vacation of your life.
    I wish I could arrive when you do,follow you around and photo your very wide smiles.
    Get ready to experience Couples most beautiful and most romantic resort.
    Get ready to be taken care of by one of the very best staffs in the world.
    Get to know the staff,laugh with them and let them spoil you.(AND THEY WILL)
    If you at CSS during my visit,May 7-14,then wobble over,say hi and swap a hug or two.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Oh my gosh we're just over a week away from getting on that plane and heading to the best place on Earth! I can't wait. I think everyone around me is sick of me talking about it and ready for me to get on the plane and be gone already and I'm so ready to leave. I can't wait to meet all of you that will be there May 7-14 and I'm thrilled to meet Tommywommy and have you be part of our ceremony. I'm praying for beautiful weather, a beautiful May 12 and a week away in paradise to leave all this craziness behind me!!! Whoohoo! T-9 days!

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    Amyangeli...Stay excited because you are headed to Huggerville.
    Peggy and I are looking forward to attending your ceremony.

    CSS...Couples Sans Souci....Where strangers meet,swap hugs and become life long hugging friends.

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    Default Can not control myself

    Ok I will be packed by this weekend and can not wait to get there.
    Stop by, say hi this will be our second time @ css.

    Anyone else freaking out?
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    It's almost time to meet strangers,swap hugs and become friends at CSS...Couples Sans Souci

    Peggy and I really love CSS..We have a lot of special memories from this outstanding resort.

    Soon it will be Tommywommy time at CSS.
    See you there...May 7-14,2011..Just look for the old fat man wearing a neon yellow cap with a long haired good looking blonde on his arm..Wobble over and say Hi.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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