We stayed at CSA a couple weeks ago as we had friends being married at CN but there was no availability for us at CN. We stayed at CSA for part of the stay and R the second part of the stay.

Upon Arrival to the Couples Lounge at the airport, I had expected a drink since I had read so much about the lounge and having a Red Stripe before departing on to the resort. I don't know if it was the fact that it was 9pm and maybe they do not offer a drink after a certain time or such but we were not offered any drink, just told that the shuttle would be there in about 15min to take us off to CSA. There was one other couple waiting who was also going to CSA.

The ride to the CSA was pretty uneventful. It was dark so really couldn't see anything. The driver had someone else with him who he dropped off eventually. Not a big deal. The other couple did ask a few questions and he did have the answers.

The drive to the resort took about an hour and five minutes. There wasn't much traffic.

Once at the resort we were met with a cold towel and the champagne as I had seen mentioned. I had expected everyone to be sooooo kind and friendly and to be just 'wow' off the bat but unfortunately not. They just did their job checking us in, didn't chat or anythng and we went off to our room.

We were in a Garden Suite. The room itself was really nice. The location was horrible. The traffic noise was TERRIBLE. I had read some other reviews where people mentioned traffic and had issues and other reviews where people said it wasn't such a big deal. My husband sleeps through everything, sometimes I have to yell to get him to wake up. Here though...it was rough. I swear drivers honk their horns everytime they pass! All day and night long! The road noise was just too much. Sleeping was difficult, on and off and I'd be awake again. ugh.

We went to the beach grill since nothing else was open once we got to the resort. The lady working was less than thrilled. I don't expect that she has to cater to our every need, but I was expecting at least a smile. Hamburgers, jerk chicken, hot dogs, fries were a few things that were offered at that time. It was just your typical hamburger etc. nothing to get too excited over and that's what I would expect for snack foods. We did have nachos and some other items throughout our stay here, and the service was the same each time, felt like they didn't want to be there. I told hubby that must be the position they demote people do when they get bad reviews. LOL.

The beach was definately beautiful and it never seemed full. Not many people seemed to use the pool either. The resort itself never seemed crowded and it was at fully booked. Vendors on the beach did move on if you told them no-thank you.

The concierge was standard. We booked couples massages and dinner at Feathers through him. No smile there either. We had Swedish massage, they said that was the most popular, I put that I wanted medium pressure. Felt like a lot of rubbing to me and not much massaging haha. The spa was however beautiful and relaxing.

Feathers was really nice. Everyone was dressed up. It was a nice dinner.

We left Hershey Bars on our bed for the housekeeper and a thank-you twice and she did accept them both times. I had read about this on the boards.

The wedding at CN was great. Actually everything at CN was great. We took a taxi from CSA, it was 5$pp one way. CSA is only a couple minutes drive from CN. When we walked into CN we were like WOW, so different for us than CSA, we were only there for that day and another day pass later in the week and we could tell a true difference in service and atmosphere compared to CSA. Everyone was amazing there.

Check-out was simple but they told us to leave luggage in room. The employee did ask how our stay was and we said 'okay'. She said 'just okay?' and we said 'yes'. She didn't ask anything else, but I guess was surprised we only said 'okay'. We were not mean about it, just gave her the answer. She advised someone was getting the luggage and would have it in a few minutes. Around 11:30am with no luggage still DH went to the desk to ask again and the lady said it was coming. At noon with no luggage still and we were changing resorts we were a little aggravated because we had been told twice it was coming and at this point could have just brought it ourselve and wouldn't have been a big deal to do but we left it thinking it was a nice perk to not have to lug it down. DH went to the conceriege and I'm sure they could see we were irritated asked if he could find out what was happening since we were told twice it would be coming. Someone nearby the concierge desk immediately went and got it and at that point we just wanted out of there and there was a taxi pulling up dropping people off for their stay and we aked him to take us to R. He had to clear it with the couples employees who were checking in (I assume is under some contract with them) and then took us over to the R. I will be writing a R review, but cannot believe I am saying this (again because of all the reviews I read) would go back to the RIU in a heartbeat. We loved it there. Everyone was so friendly, smiling, helpful, welcoming us everywhere, engaging us in small talk when appropriate, truly felt welcomed. It was funny cause the service we got there was the service we expected at Couples. A weird twist for us cause we thought we were gonna be sooo sad to be at R!

I know that everyone has good and bad experiences and not everyone is going to like the same things and places as someone else. I suppose just going into high expectations like we were, we were let down. We will not return to CSA. We would consider going to CN if the price were right I think and give it a try but unfortunately we were left feeling unsatisfied overall at CSA and I wanted to be left feeling in awe.

I say we're just one bad experience out of a 1000 good ones so if you're thinking of going don't say no just because of one review.

oh and a side note: we flew Air Jamaica and did make it there.