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    Default CSS June 2010-- the Get to Know You thread!!

    (stealing from the July-ers... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?)

    Names: Bob & Casey

    Ages: 42&31

    How many times to CSS: 1st trip to ANY couples resort

    Trip dates: June 16-24th

    Room type: One Bedroom Ocean Suite

    Reason for trip: Gettin' Hitched! (June 18th)

    Where you from: Southern Oregon

    What you're looking forward to most: Relaxation, sun, snorkeling, good food and drink.... getting to wake up next to my HUSBAND.

    Will you go A/N during trip: Yep, no shyness here

    Drink you're looking forward to: Wanna try the dirty banana I see posted about so much!

    Kids: I have 2 sons(11 and 7) He has a 20 yo daughter

    Pets: Leo... best orange kitty ever

    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 8 (actually staying within the boundries of 1-10 here... I try not to get TOO excited too early or the wait seems like forever. Ask me again on the 15 of June and it'll be a 10 for sure)

    Our pic:
    (Ok, just spent about 10 min looking for a pic! How sad is it that we've been together over 3 years and have so few pics of us together.. I need to get out from behind the camera!)

    us in mexico last year....
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