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    Default 1st time to Couples July 25 - Aug 1 2009

    We will be celebrating our 10 yr anniversary and we are so excited to go to CSA. Anyone else going at the same time?

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    We will be there at the same time. Jason and I are getting married on the 29th. This will be our first trip to CSA also. I'm counting down the days. We are very excited about this trip. We can't wait. Paradise here we come


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    Hi laila24,

    We will be there from the 26th to the 1st! We have been married 11 years and making this trip a second honeymoon! Tasted my first Red Stripe Saturday night, all i can say if the beer is any indication...Jamacia is going to rock!!!!

    Carol and Shawn

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    Congratulations!!! See you in 11 days!!! I can't wait!!


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    Congratulations Kristie! What a wonderfully romantic spot to get married! 10 days to go!!! I can hardly stand it!!

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    Default Only 9 days left

    I'm so excited!! Only 9 days until we leave for CSA- can't wait to see you all there!!!!


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    We'll be down there around the same time (arriving 7/26)


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    Officially down to single digits!!!!! 9 more days! Anyone else finding it hard to concentrate on anything else????

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    Yes I can't do anything now except think "Jamaica mon"!!! I'm going shopping this weekend for extra sunscreen, bug bite cream and spray, and a new bathing suit!!! T- 8 days!!!! Oh and I just found out that our airline charges for checked baggage- that will limit what I am packing now!! See you all in a week!!!!


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    Default Can't wait!!!

    My hubby and I will be there too! Arriving on the 26th We are also first timers and celebrating our 12 anniversary! Congrats to all the newly weds and those you have been married forever!
    See you on the beach

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    Looks like a great crew!!! I just discovered I will be renewing my wedding vows when we get there! This is going to be a busy few days!! See yoou all in paradise in 5 DAYS!!!!!

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    We'll be there July 23-30. Our first time to Jamaica! 6 of us in our group, we'll probably be the loud, drunk ones

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    Can't wait to meet you all...JD and I will be there...we are celebrating is not an anniversary, but we want to have a blast with ya'll!!! We will be spending most of our time in the water diving...any one else???

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    Hey Valerie
    My husband and i will be learning to dive so we will see ya there


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