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    Default Making the most of a bad situation

    My wife and I went to CSA last year and had an amazing time. We raved so much about it that my sister made plans to spend her honeymoon there. Non-refundable plane tickets are bought, deposits paid -- and the wedding was just called off.

    She still wants to go; this really is the trip of a lifetime for her. She's never been anywhere like it, and it's really way out of her price range, so if she doesn't go now, she may never get another chance.

    So here's the question. I may be able to go with her. The obvious issue is that while we are close, and I love her to death, we are most certainly not a "couple." Do you think we should go? And, if we go, do we have to spend the whole week pretending we are a couple, or under the circumstances, is it no big deal? Obviously, neither one of us is looking to act like a "single" person. I'm happily married and she just got out of a serious relationship. Thoughts?

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    Absolutely - I am sure the couples theme to most of us just means no kids, no big groups and two people in harmony. Two friendly adults of whatever flavour sounds beautifully in tune with the theme to me.


    ps it sounds like she might need a good relaxing break too!

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    Couples resorts set up and activities are couples orientated. You both might be uncomfortable at times there. I am sure Couples resorts has been thru your situation before with a wedding being canceled.
    There cancellation policy is very liberal and there are may resorts that are not couples only orientated in Jamaica
    Check with who you made the reservation with and try to get a refund

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    I think you could still go, and have an awesome time making the best of a bad situation. While most people there will definitely be couples, we saw a few non-couples pairs on our recent CSS trip.

    Your other option is, since you've already paid for your plane tickets into Montego Bay and they aren't refundable, but your Couples vacation IS fully refundable (unless it's less than 45 days out), you could cancel at Couples, get your money back, and take you sister to a non-Couples only resort in Jamaica- I know there are at least a few. It might be easier for you guys and also your sister wouldn't have to spend the week surrounded by lovey-dovey couples when she's going through a hard spot in her own love life. Just my two cents.

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    When I was there the first time there was a family of four with two 19ish age kids, male and female. The kids stayed in one room together and the parents stayed in another. They didn't act like a couple. I don't think there is anything really wrong with this, especially in your situation.

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    Hmmm... sleeping with your sister? Remember the rooms only have one, very large bed. I would think it might be better if your wife went with her or even better, if you and your wife went instead. But if you really feel that she should go, offer up one of your single, male friends that your sister gets along with and see what happens...
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    Go and enjoy. No need to act like a couple. Let her have the time of her life.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hey, so long as it's cool with the Mrs and so long as Sis doesn't care about making her Couples debut without a SO - ok, you're obviously a brotherly SO, but you know what I mean - than why not?

    And I see no reason you have to either pretend you're a couple (now that would be weird) or go out of your way explaining the situation to everyone, altho just in the manner of general conversation, I can see where you both may find yourselves discussing the situation with others. If for no other reason, it would make for an interesting topic of conversation.

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    GO! It does not matter what kind of a couple that you are. You paid, you are a "couple" so enjoy yourself. If sleeping in the same bed as your sister is ok with the both of you...who cares! It is nobody's business but your's and your sister!

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    We are two ladies who are just best friends and have just returned today from our 11th visit to CSA. We live 250 miles apart, so this is an ideal place to meet up and catch up whilst enjoying the wonderful hospitality of CSA. The resort always has great mix of ages and small groups, so not too coupley, so you should feel very comfortable during your stay.
    Have a great time

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    I think since it's already paid for why not. Like u said she has never been and the opportunity of a lifetime. Life is too short to second guess. She's your sister so, I don't think that u need to pretend. Couples is for couples and technically u both will b a couple. Just be yourselves and act natural. I don't think that u have to spend every wakening minute together but, do pay close attention to each other and keep an eye on each other. That's too far away to go for something bad to happen. Go with her and make sure that she has the time of life and not think of that person from a serious relationship.

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    Well I had read on other posts, that groups have gone to couples resort, and they were not "couples". I can't see why this would matter. I think it would be a great idea for you to go with your sister. She probably needs you at this time in her life.

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    I dont understand what would make you think that you would have to act like a "couple"..... What does a "couple" act like? One couple can act a totally different way than the next couple.
    Plain and simple, you dont have to make out with your sister, or your wife, or your girlfriend. You dont have to hold hands, play kissy face, or rub her feet........... It is not required that you do anything in order to be called a "couple".

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    wouldn't it be wiser and more fun to have her treat a friend to a trip to ja since the plane tix are non refundable. Eat the lost deposit and stay at a resort that is more conducive to her current status

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    Honestly, I would quietly go. Enjoy your trip and your sister and just keep quiet. I could almost see going to CSA by myself if my spouse couldn't go for some reason, since it's the most wonderful, relaxing place on earth.

    The only thing that might be challenging is for the most part, your sister is going to be surrounded by couples that are in love, renewing their love, experiencing new love (weddings) etc. and that might be pretty painful for her coming directly off a relationship.

    Good luck with your decision, and good luck to your sister.

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