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    Most the above posters hit the nail on the head.

    You see shapes and sizes that vary widely.. nobody says anything or judges whatsoever.

    The pool or a dip in the water behind the island will definitely cure any issues a guy might have. Or just roll over.. no big deal.

    It's all about comfort and freedom. The peacefulness of sitting next to the water, completely free of stress, worries, etc. with a good book and a loved one by your side. And at CTI, no sand to deal with... and the part of no wet swimming suits is totally on the mark! They take forever to dry!

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    1. Freedom, stress relief, leave your worries behind with your clothes.
    2. No fakeyness or having to think about impressing people with material things, everyone on equal ground, from the lawyer to the doctor to the janitor to the refuse technician.
    3. Most nudists have plenty in common when it comes to personality, everyone has the same friendliness level.
    4. There is a special bond between like minded people that have similar beliefs, the same way people practice a certain religion and have something in common with those they meet with on a weekly basis.
    5. We are nudists, belong to a resort, we go year round regardless of the temperature. We are headed for a long 5 day weekend this Memorial Day and can't wait till we clear the gate, get to our camper and peel off our clothes, along with all the BS from the past 2 weeks. And we will most certainly dread when the time comes when we have to put our clothes back on Monday to return home. We cherish every moment, never having to worry or take any amount of time to get ready to do anything or go anywhere all weekend. Laying in the sun around the pool, playing games, going to dances, eating, showering, and just socializing. Life is good.

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