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    I know, I know, same topic different day. But my husband and I are gridlocked for our new year's trip with our friends and need to decide. We have been to CSA and CTI...loved both. We just went to CTI last year and want to visit the Negril side of Jamaica this time. I want to go to CN because we've never been and it looks gorgeous and I also want to experience the AN side of things. He wants to go to CSA because "if it's not broken, don't fix it, we already know we like it there". Our friends don't care, they're trusting us to make the decision. So, please, help us.

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    Since you're taking newbies, I would go to CSA. You've been there and like and know exactly what to tell them. Do the trading places to CN and let your hubby experience CN and maybe he'll want to book there for your next trip!!! My husband has the same we'll be at CSA in 5 days!!

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    I agree with r&cford ... go to where you like and know and do a day at CN to feel it out. They are both pretty close to each other (in regards to distance)

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    you will NOT be able to experience a/n at CSA

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    You go where your heart leads you.

    If you want the Negril side and you want the AN beach the only option you have is Couples Negril.

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    You could always consider a split visit!

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    Been to CSA 4 times now, thought about CN, so we went there on a day pass. Booked for our next trip to CSA again.

    If it is not broke, don't fix it.

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    Funny, we've been to CTI, back when it was COR, and most recently to CSA. We're booked for CSA in Dec 2011 with the same two couples we went to CSA with. I know it's a long time to wait to go home again but I'm enjoying the anticipation too. We enjoyed CTI but loved CSA. Before we made our 2011 CSA reservations I too wondered if we should give CN a try. I've read so many good things about CN. Then I thought to myself...hmm, I'll miss the strolls through the grounds with my wife because everything at CN is so centrally located. I'll also miss the sports complex which I enjoyed so much. And what would I do if we couldn't spend a few evenings with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura lounge? I came to the same conclusion like a lot of people, "why fix something that ain't broke." It's a good suggestion to give the trading places option a shot one day and check CN out. Isn't it a freebie if you're a repeater? And people are right, if you want to go more than topless you have to go to CN. Enjoy your time in paradise when you do make it back home again!

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    the post above is right about no A/N at CSA. I can tell you this , we have been to CN for 5 years and wanted to try another couples resort. I am to if its not broken why fix it. We went to CSA this past Feb. for 10 nights and loved it just as much as CN. They both have thier own qualities. You won't be dissatisfied which resort you stay at.

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    You know why I would choose CN? Not because it's better than CSA (won't waste either of our time with all that comparative, chest-thumping nonsense), but since your friends are newbies, by going to CN, this will allow for all to be newbies in a sense, where the four of you can experience a particular Couples property for the first time at the same time. Ok, of course you and the hub unit are veterans, but since neither of you have ever stayed at CN, this would in effect make you newbies, just CN style, that's all. Plus it sounds as if at least one, if not all four, would like to experience the AN side of the equation.

    Just so you know, if you decided on Ochi instead as your region of choice, I would advise likewise about staying at CSS. It just seems like it would be a bit more adventurous for the two of you. And of course we all know it's going to be heaven for your friends, no matter which resort you select.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IACouple View Post
    Been to CSA 4 times now, thought about CN, so we went there on a day pass. Booked for our next trip to CSA again.

    If it is not broke, don't fix it.
    I've been to CSA five times and did a day pass last month to CN. We loved it and booked our next two trips at CN.

    Sometimes different is a good thing.

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