I have read a few reviews in which it sounded like people booked and paid for a certain category of room and ended up having to spend a night or two in a lower category room until they could be put in the room they booked and paid for. How prevalent it this?
We spend a lot of time vacationing in Jamaica and have been to a lot of different resorts there. We are planning a short stay at CSA in June to sort of check it our for longer stays with a group of other couples. We have booked and paid for a Garden Verandah Suite for a short part of our vacation in Negril.
We will only be there 3 nights and would be pretty upset if we ended up in a lower room category for any of it and had to move in the middle of such a short stay. It would not be as big a concern if we were there for a week, but with just 3 nights it would be a bigger issue to us.
How likely is this to happen at the end of June? Is it a rare thing or a common problem? Is there anything within reason I can do to help keep this from happening? (I would hope that booking it and paying for it months in advance would enough, but in some trip reports it seems like it was not enough!)