After going back and forth between CSA and CTI, I am pretty sure CTI is the way to go for us. I do have a few questions.

1) Can someone post a picture/map with the building numbers? We are trying to decide between Deluxe Ocean View and Premier Ocean View.

2) The dinner at The Patio restaurant, is it all buffet? Or is it partial buffet? Or is it only pasta and salad buffet?

3) Does anyone know which days the cruise ships do not dock in Ocho Rios?

4) anyone take the shopping shuttle? If yes, was it fixed prices or bartering?

5) Where are the best places for fixed price souvenir shopping?

6) What days are the beach dinner party and the gala dinner?

7) I know there is no mini bar in the regular rooms, is there a pitcher of ice and water atleast?

8) How big of a problem are the showers and flooding?

9) I will post this in the wedding area, but where exactly do people get married at CTI, (besides Tower Isle), as I see there are no gazebos.