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    Default Problems posting pics

    How are you posting them...or trying to?

    Whoa! Where;d the OP go?
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    Click on GO ADVANCED and then you will see the ATTACHMENTS box that is in a red square box. Click on that and then click on BROWSE to locate your pictures. When you have located all that you want to upload click on UPLOAD then click on CLOSE THIS WINDOW.

    Write your post then when it comes to inserting your pictures click on the box with the check on it to the right of the ATTACHMENT box and click on the pictures you want to attach.

    Click on SUBMIT REPLY.

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    I didn't start the thread.

    I host and link, anyway. Attachment quota is too low.

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    I know how Jim, been posting pics for years, I'm having issues.

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    My attachment key seems to be jammed and I can't clear it.

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    opps sorry Marie thought it was KrisJamie that started the post.

    If you have uploaded lots of pics your quota may have become full. To make room you need to delete some old files.

    Click on USER CP
    Click on ATTACHMENTS
    now you can delete some old uploads. Check the box on the ones you want to remove then click DELETE SELECTED as your final step.

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    Default Dpi


    Have the increased the DPI available on the site.
    All my picts are shot at a hi resolution as we tend to enlarge them.
    I have a problem reducing the DPI with out reducing the quality of the pictures.

    Thanks for your help.

    CSS in 76 days!

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    Most hosting services butcher the images, so don't spend too much time trying to retain that DPI (which only really applies to printing, anyway)

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    I cleared all attachements and still cannot post, I just keep getting an error. This is really making me mad, since right after a trip you WANT to post pic's!!!!!!!

    So instead I have posted the link to all or our albums on Webshots. It has not only this trip to CSS, but CSS 08, CN 06 and 07.

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    If you post the error, we can help.

    This is like, "Hey mechanic, my car makes a noise".

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    Manage Attachments
    Upload Errors
    Jamaica 2010 050.jpg:
    Upload of file failed.
    Sum of all attachments owned by Mzambo: 0

    This is all it says............

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    I lied! LOL

    What size are the attachments? This may not be it, as it looks like a VBulletin error tied to your user.

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    I don't think that the size of the file that is maintained on your computer for the pictures is a concern. This program does its own conversion. The old message board this was an issue and you had to resize pictures now that issue is non existant.

    I would check the properties of how they are stored to see if you accidentially changed the settings.


    Email the file that you are having problems with and I will try it.

    Attachment 6678
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