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    First off, my husband has never been on the MB. If he wants to know something, he gets me to ask (if I already don't know the answer). We were married at CSA Oct 2008. I asked him about trying another Couples resort after that and his response was, "no, cause there is nothing wrong with CSA and we know we like it." After that, I gave up. Well he's a beginning photographer and loves looking at pics. I sent him the link to the beautiful pics recently taken at CN by Christine. So without paying any attention, he begins to ask questions...I don't remember this and I don't remember that...I don't remember this pool, it's really nice, on and on!!! I said, 'that's b/c that's CN down the street from CSA'. Well, I couldn't believe the next statement that came out of his mouth, 'Well we should have booked there (we leave MAY 5th for CSA), I like how everything is located around the pool'. I could have SCREAMED!!! lol I made sure to remind him that this is also the same resort he said 'I'm glad we're not staying here' when we dropped guest off in Oct 08!(he was impress by the outside - which is why you never judge a book by it's cover!) Just wanted to share this story and to tell anyone that may have spouses/so that just won't try another resort, try showing them pics!!! Just make sure you do it before two days prior to your departure...LOL!!!!

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    I meant he wasn't impressed by the outside of CN...I'm sure everyone figured that out already!!!

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    Make sure you join romance rewards and you can do a day trip to CN - then he can decide where you will go on your next trip!

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    Quick! Sigh up for a Trading Places trip to CN while you are at CSA. We are planning on making a visit to CN on our trip in June. We have been curious to see what it is like up the road and finally get to check it out this year.

    Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by r&cford View Post
    I meant he wasn't impressed by the outside of CN...I'm sure everyone figured that out already!!!
    You can edit your original post to correct mistakes rather than posting a new message. At the bottom of each of your posts, you'll see three buttons: Edit, Quote, and QR.

    Just select "edit," make your changes, then select "save changes."
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