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    Default September 27th is coming up fast!!

    Who else is planning on being at CSA at this time? We will be thre thru OCt 6th. 10 beautiful days of sun and fun. Anyone interested in playing golf during that time? Let me know. Also looking for a few drinking partners! Who isn't up for that???

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    My husband and I will be there Sept. 24th thru Oct. 2nd! We can't wait, it has been a long time since we have been on a trip without the kids. We have a few other people joining us, but we are always up to meeting new drinking buddies! My husband golfs some, but not sure if he will down there. Let's find a time to get together and have some drinks. This is our first time at Couples, how about you?

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    we will be there from sept 30 till oct 10th. Its been too long since we were back home.Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful staff again and of course meeting new people.Kevin if you read this ,I will golf a couple of times while there and I'm sure a couple of beverages wont be a problem either.

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    This is our first time to Jamaica as well. I am really looking forward to going.We are getting married on Sept 25,so this is our Honeymoon. Definately have to meet for cocktails. As we get closer we can make all the necessary arrangements.

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    Richard....we will have to set some time for golf. I am sure we can make time for the beverages!!! I will of course already have a hangover by the time you Lets keep in touch!

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    Default 138 Days and Countiung

    Just about 4 months remain till Kim and I get married and head to CSA. Anyone know how the Town of Negril is? How is the shopping? What drinks are good down there. This is our first time and have sooo many questions. Feel free to leave some suggestions on what to do and whre to do and what excursions to go on.

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    Kevin, this is our 14th trip to couples swept away ,its our home away from home.You will definately have the time of your life at swept away.The golf course, negril hills isn't so bad either.I have played it at least a dozen times over the years.We are from Toronto Canada and will be in Jamaica to celebrate Brenda's birthday and our 11th anniversary,we actually renewed our wedding vows last October at swept away.If you keep drinking there is no such thing as a hangover lol.we will keep in touch.

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    Hey Richard! It's Margi. We met 2 years ago at the same time. Doesn't your wife Brenda get her hair braided? Anyway we did a meet and greet at the pool and Heather and Mitch were there too.

    We've been away too long also. We have to all get together for drinks. Hope all is well with you two.

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    Looks like the list is growing. My wife and I will be there the same days as you guys. We know of 3 other couples with the same arrival and departure dates.

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    hey guys. its like 10 weekes untill me and darcy get married and like 12 till the honeymoon. this is our first major trip together alone and my wifes first major trip out of the cournty and we are very excited. cant wait for the sun, drinking, golf (maybe), adventures and meeting new people. hopefully this will be the first of many trips to CSA.

    james and darcy

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    add two more from the 25th of sept to the 2nd of oct from northern new york who knows may see if agent can get us a day earlier

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    Congrates Fuller.Looks like we will have a pretty good crowd for late Sept.and early Oct. My wife and I will be there the 24th- the 2nd.Look forward to meeting everyone. You won't be able to miss us we will be the loud ones with Harley T-shirts on.

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    thanks wayne yeah it looks like it is going to be a really goood bunch of people. this is our first time and we are really looking for it. just make sure to save us a seat at the bar

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    Time is ticking away folks!! Only 75 more days till we arrive! So far I see 5 Couples attending at the same dates. Sept 24, 25, 27 and 30th thru Oct.2 and 6th. I believe I am correct. As we get even closer, we should pick a day and time to meet at the swim up bar. Since we are all there for the 30th. I suggest that day at 2:30 pm at the swim up bar for cocktails and a toast. All in, let me know....Talk to you soon...Kevin and Kim 9/27-10/6...ten days of paradise!!!!

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    i know that would be fine with me and darcy even though we would like to get to gether with everyone that is there sooner to do some things to so. any ideas form anyone thats been before let me know.

    james and darcy
    sept24 - oct 2nd

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    Hi all September people, we will be arriving the 21st thru the 28th. Sounds like we'll be catching most of you on your last few days. We are getting married on the 18th so it will be our honeymoon too.

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    Genelle. I think I was talking to you on the main board. I'm so happy for you. I hope your wedding goes great and I know your honeymoon will rock!

    As far as the 30th....Mike and Margi are in!!! That's a Thursday right? Just make sure to have a reminder message because I forget things easy. All that partying will do that to you. This is gonna be fun!

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    Thanks Margi we can't wait!!

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    We will definitely try to meet everyone on the 30th. It is my husband and I's 10th anniversary so who knows what the day will hold for us, probably just relaxing and drinking and NOT chasing after 3 kids!!! Oh, I can't wait for 8 days of that. See everyone in 2 months, YEAH!

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    Hey Jamaicalove. We have 3 kids also. I have been looking forward to getting away from the stress of that forever. Hopefully you can stop in and have a quick drink. Congrats on the anniversary.

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    Getting closer and closer Margie. Exited yet?

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