I have read many times that you can book the Wednesdays specials through a TA or on the website. is this only if you are booking the hotel and flight separately through the TA? Can anyone tell me if the Couplicious Wednesday specials are available to TA's if you book a pre-packaged vacation on a Wednesday. I have yet to find a TA when calling about a pre-packaged vacation to CN who has ever heard of the specials. It would certainly make booking more attractive instead of waiting and trying to time the booking for a time when the prices temporarily go down.

If anyone from Canada has been able to take advantage of the specials for pre-packaged vacations, please let me know what TA or tour company.

If it can't be done then we will just have to bite the bullet and book when we feel the price is right.

Can't wait to book and try Couples for our first time!