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    We will be arriving at CN on 5-16, for our honeymoon. My fiancee wants to bring beach towels with us.
    I was wondering if anybody knows if CN supplies towels, or if its a good idea to bring some with.

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    They supply them. Save room in your suitcase for more important items.
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    All-inclusive = towels... along with everything else... so unless she has a really, REALLY good reason to bring 'em... you can save the space in that carryon.

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    You don't need to bring any. The first time we were at CSA we did and used them a lot because they would only let us get a new towel once a day. When you scuba dive, snorkel and swim in the same day you end up with a really salty wet towel pretty quickly. This time they did not limit us so I would get a new one when my towel was wet. Sometimes it was once a day and sometimes it was twice. I brought our own towels with us this time but did not need them.

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    You get 2 beach towels in your room when your arrive. You can swap/change daily at the towel hut on the beach.

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    Congratulations. No need to bring beach towels, Couples supplies them and you can exchange them as frequently as you wish.

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    No need to bring towels and weigh your luggage down. They supply them and you can exchange every day for fresh ones.

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    Hey there,
    If you read the faqs it says that the hotel will have for you a beach towel clean every day!

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    All Couples Resorts supply beach towels. However, I have seen people bring their own - those huge ones with the pocket at the top that locks over the end of the floaty. A) Where do they wash them (imagine using the same towel for 9 days!) and B) Why take something that will fill up a carry-on?
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    YES, they absolutely supply can turn them in daily for fresh towels...SAVE room in your suitcase for thing you really need!!! Enjoy your honeymoon...Congrats!!!!

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    leave the towels at home they have towels that can be exchanged daily for beach and pool use...

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    you get all the towels you need there, and can exchange them for fresh ones whenever you want.

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    Yes, Couples Negril provide 1 white beach towel to each of its guests it can be refreshed throughout the day anytime 8-5 as you walk off the deck to the beach and also at the Watersports shack. I always bring a spare just so I can easily find my chairs on the beach or at the pool, but it is certainly not anecessity to bring a beach towel. Have a greta trip I arrive on Sunday the 9th.


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    I am pretty sure I read somewhre that they do supply them...

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    All of the Couples hotels supply beach towels. You get fresh ones as you need them. There is no need to take up luggage space with towels.

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    There's no need to bring beach towels. Couples supplies them.
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    Don't waste the space in your bags. They supply towels for you to use at the beach. Use the space to pack something else. Have a great time.

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    Beach towels are provided by all Couples resorts and can be traded in for new ones throughout your stay. Save the space and leave yours at'll need it for the goodies you purchase and want to bring home.

    Bart & Bug

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    Don't waste the luggae space, they have plenty of towels. Get a clean fresh one each day.

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    leave them home. all couples supply beach towels

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    Yes, all Couples resorts supply beach towels to all their guests- which you can exchange as often as you like - if he still wants his own, why not just buy some colorful ones in Jamaica as a souvenir?
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    Leave your beach towells at home. Couples supplies them and you can get clean ones as often as you like.

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    CN supplies towels, so you do not have to bring towels with you. You can also change your used towels for cleans as many times a day as you like

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    NO! You don't need them and they won't fit in your suitcase. You get fresh towels anytime you want.

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