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    Default Need a lil' Hummingbird help, here!!

    Greetings message board junkies!!

    Just returned from 7 days in paradise and am having a small issue with hummingbird withdrawl!!! I was hoping/wondering if anyone could hook me up with the recipe to this refreshing drink!!

    Also wondering how everyone else deals with the "back to the real world" depression!! I was hopeful a few hummingbirds may help!! hahaa. Peace out!

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    We have been using this one and it is pretty close...not the same as on the beach though.....but at least a feeling comes back.

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    Rum cream
    Coffee liqueur
    Strawberry syrup
    Crushed ice

    A good place for the recipe is...


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    Chris, you and I had the exact same location...actually it does come out pretty close too!

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    Hummingbird is a great drink especially when the bartender gives it some extra HUMMM,,,aka Appleton Rum..

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    that's the drink recipe we use as well, and it does turn out pretty close, especially if you are using the Sangsters you brought back with you from your most recent trip! If you leave out the strawberry syrup, you've got yourself a dirty banana, which is also delish! The only problem is, once your Sangster's runs out, you've got to book another trip or in my case, resort to the not as yummy Cruzan rum cream which is all I can get up here in the Midwest!!

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    I too fell under the spell of a huge flock of Hummingbirds a few weeks ago in Negril...

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    I like to think of a Hummingbird as a fruit smoothie with alcohol.

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    Default Hummingbird Recipe

    1 fluid ounce rum cream liqueur
    1 fluid ounce Kahlua or Coffee liquor
    1 fluid ounce Fat Free milk
    1/2 fluid ounce strawberry flavored syrup
    1/2 banana
    1 oz Appleton Rum - (Little extra kick)
    1 cup crushed ice

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    Default Thank you

    Wow! We are going to CSA in two weeks after going to CN last year. Saw this thread and made a hummingbird and a dirty banana and almost feel like we are there already. Now how do you make a chocolate monkey?

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